February is finally upon us, and for the metal community, that doesn’t necessarily mean flowers and boxes of chocolates. This month is always one of the best for tours, and it’s getting kicked off in style with the godfathers of death metal themselves, Cannibal Corpse, gracing Denver with their presence on an awesome tour with black metal legends Behemoth. What could be more fitting? Read on to see some of the excellent events going on in the world of metal this week.


Cannibal Corpse & Behemoth @ Summit Music Hall – Tuesday Feb. 3rd

This Tuesday promises to be a blistering night of brutal riffs at Summit Music Hall. Cannibal Corpse is a band that needs no introduction, but in case you’re new to metal, they are one of the first death metal bands to really make it big, and probably the most famous. They are being joined by black metal heavies Behemoth from Poland, and two newer death metal bands are opening the tour, Aeon and Tribulation. This show is a great chance to get some ‘Metal 101,’ as you’ll get to see where metal is headed, and where it all began.

Who: Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, Aeon, Tribulation

Cost: $30, $25 in advance

Doors: 7:00 PM


Black Mass @ The Moon Room – Saturday Feb. 7th

For those who love old school metal, you’re in for a treat on Saturday night. Black Mass from Boston are coming through, and the show is being opened by local thrash acts Gomorrah, Valiomierda and Witchfinger. Even if you aren’t seriously familiar with any of these bands, a thrash show on a Saturday night seems like a great excuse to party. Check if out if you have some free time!

Who: Black Mass, Gomorrah, Valiomierda, Witchfinger

Cost: $10, $8 in advance

Doors: 7:00 PM

By Addison Herron-Wheeler

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