As cliche as this sounds, fashion at its most basic sense is a form of expression, and groutfits are the best way for expressing your shit mornings or average Mondays in a stylish and trendy way.

Inspired by my brother, Kanye West, and most recent runway walks, I think it’s high time to really discuss why the groutfit is the best thing to flaunt in 2015.

1. It disguises your hangover as post-workout swag.

Courtesy of Tumblr's fifty shades of groutfits

Photo courtesy of Tumblr’s fifty shades of groutfits

A groutfit is for the mornings when you don’t want to think about what to wear. Wearing gray isn’t just for when you don’t want to activate your fashionista side, but you can’t because you either didn’t sleep last night or you’re a bit too hungover from Denver’s Japanese whisky.

In a groutfit you’ll come off casual, laid-back and non-threatening. It creates low expectations for the day. The groutfit can make you comfortable without making you look or feel like a slob. You won’t look like shit, even though you may feel like it. You also will play it off as if you’re just taking this morning easy because you have been at the gym since 5:00 a.m. No one will ever know.

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2. Look way too chic 24/7.


Sonia Rykiel’s gray knit v-neck with matching trousers are classicly casual.

Putting on a grout fit says, “I put in zero energy when I got ready this morning.” But it can also be saying, “I want to look chic while feeling casually relaxed”. Gray is classic and timeless. It will never go out of style on you. Sticking to one shade is a way of simplifying your “what to wear” headache so that you can keep calm and carry on.

Groutfit becomes not just a look but the attitude of cool chic. It says, “don’t talk to me.” You can fly under the radar without anyone suspecting you have big goals for yourself which is great for all of you who have secret New Year’s resolutions you don’t want to publicly declare. But in the end, you don’t care what happens because you are in a groutfit and your groutfit will do all the talking.

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3. Gray can’t clash with gray.


Kanye West in a layered groutfit.

You can wear any shade of gray with any shade of gray. Just pile on the gray no matter how light or dark. In this way, there’s little to plan. Just get 50 shades of gray and go cray. Who knows what combinations you’ll come up with. You don’t have to think about whether your outfit will match or not. Add gray and the more the better. If all the shades of gray vary, it will still work. If all items of the outfit are the same shade, then congratulations. Your groutfit is on point.

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4. It’s so fresh and so clean.

Ryan Guzman is notably the best dressed man at the People's Awards

Ryan Guzman is notably the best dressed man at the People’s Awards

Cleanliness is next to godliness, so if you’re sporting a groutfit, there’s no doubt you have ascended from Mt. Olympus. Speaking of mountains, the groutfit is a perfect choice for your weekend adventures in Aspen, Vail, Copper and Breckenridge.

The color palette of gray leaves room for a lot of layered options which are perfect for winter adventures, especially in Colorado when the weather can change from below freezing to suddenly 65 and sunny. So layer it up. Let’s be real – maybe it’s too damn cold outside to wear a “nice” outfit. The groutfit will solve all your problems.

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5. It fosters productivity.


Light gray cotton v-neck with dark gray stretch-fitted jersey skirt is accessorized with a gray purse to complete the outfit.

The groutfit can be traced back to the famous “Rocky” training montage which showed us that all things are possible when you wear a groutfit. You can and you will achieve great success if you set your goals high – and groutfits help you achieve them. When you simplify your wardrobe, even your outfit for the day, you can accomplish everything on your list.

Mark Zuckerberg is known to have 20 of the same gray t-shirts that he wears every day. Why? Because the most productive people know that it’s not about what they wear, but about what they accomplish. Wearing all gray is a statement about who you are and what is important to you. Show your true colors with a groutfit.

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6. You become irresistibly huggable.


Maddie Bowman, gold medalist American freestyle skier, sporting a groutfit, right.

Nothing says “hug me” like gray sweaters on gray sweats. If you are in need of some love, but don’t want to draw obvious attention to yourself, then this is the outfit for you. People will show you love with warm hugs when you wear soft gray fabrics because it is simply irresistible. If you see someone wearing a groutfit today, give that person a hug. You know it will not only comfort them, but it will comfort you, too. You’ll need the encouragement if you aren’t able to sport your groutfit today. But if you are sporting groutfit, you might as well write “free hugs” on your belly and you are probably hugging yourself right now.

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If you want to make your day better than average and slightly amazing, then put on a groutfit. It’s a simply chic look that will have you feeling clean, fit and ready for business. There is no obstacle too big or burdensome for you when you’re in that gray on gray suit. The world knows you mean business and you don’t have the energy to mess around. So watch out world – the groutfit is taking over.