Imagine the Shark Tank–but with pot. Welcome to The Marijuana Show. National business guru consultants Karen Paull and Wendy Robbins are looking for the next Marijuana Millionaire. Between the two, they have decades of invaluable business experience in inventions and consulting. This industry has grossed $30 million for Colorado in taxes so far this year. No longer shrouded in cliché stoner stereotypes, the pot industry is lucrative, The Marijuana Show is in search of the next brilliant business idea that will take the marijuana industry by storm.

This is an end-of-prohibition time period for the state of Colorado. We are leading the country in the “green rush”. All eyes are on the Marijuana Show, Paull and Robbins are creating a spotlight for the positive, innovative, green, and even ingenious potential in the marijuana industry.

The Marijuana Show is more than just the pitch, it serves as a boot camp. These women know people even with preexisting business who need help. How do I take it to the next step? They would take auditions from people with seriously concrete business plans, to people with just an idea. They want pre-existing companies who want to grow and expand and take their business model and move it to another place. They want green inventors, engineers, and people who could make the marijuana industry more lucrative for a sustainable future. Come one come all.wendyandkar

303 Magazine: We are a huge fan of your mission. Tell me, what is the most exciting part about being in the midst of this industry at this time?

Wendy Robbins: Oh my god. Our mission is to legalize it, that’s really what were about. Looking for people who have some the most genius ideas. Typically, they cant go to a bank and get funding. We have the credited investors to whom they can like pitch their ideas. What we think is we can be the gap between the conversation between this reality and these brilliant ideas. Create this incredible conversation.

Karen Paull: We want to go through the bank with entrepreneurs, creating the next economy.

So you have auditions coming up, September 13th and 14th. What exactly are you looking for, who is the type of person who will win you over?

KP: Were looking for entrepreneurs who have products or inventions to pitch to us, they’ll have two minutes to pitch to myself and wendy robins and a few other panelists. They want to present basically what they want to do, what problems they want to solve, and how theyre going to do it. It would be great to have a business plan, but its not required. We’re basically looking to really foster the next generation of cannabis businesses.

The Marijuana Show, photo by Lindsey Bartlett.

The Marijuana Show, photo by Lindsey Bartlett.

There are so many alleys people can go down. Whether it be edibles, vaporizors, tinctures, methods of packing, methods of growing. What do you think you’ll see a lot of?

WR: We were just talking about that, we are really in to the cutting edge products. It could also be hemp. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could just not to use as much water, not to use as much electricity, ways to be more sustainable. Those kinds of things really interest us. Whether you’re growing tomatoes, growing weed. All of the above.

KP: The other piece of it, unlike Shark Tank, we are going to provide a dolphin tank type  of environment for these entrepeneurs to grow and learn how to pitch successfully. expand their business and learn. After the auditions, we take them into a boot camp and teach them how to grow and pitch to these investors.

So it’s less rutheless than Shark Tank, a Dolphin Tank followed by boot camp?

WR: Yes. We’re the puff the magic dragon of reality pitch shows. Basically, we don’t wanna be rude. It’s really about educating, and us getting educated too, the world about the whole industry. The boot camp is gonna be amazing because were taking them through an emotional process as well, its not just intellectual. What happened to me, I made millions of dollars, I got really stressed, I needed someone to help me go through things so I need the growth too. It’s about more than a pitch, These entrepeneurs are going to learn how to be the CEO of their own company.mjshow

KP: It’s a new economy, its fresh, and just with the dot com boom, there are a lotr of entrepreneurs out there running, chasing their tales, and aren’t really sure how to run a business. We actually are in the business to consult to help businesses grow. We’re experts in business strategy, consulting, Wendy is a really famous coach already. So were looking to really pay it forward. We really want to see women rise to the top.


KP: We really want to encourage women to audition and get the time, to come out, and to take over the industry. No more boys club.

I love the term green rush. I’ve seen people flocking to Denver. Do you think preexisting businesses can learn from the show?

WR: Absolutely. There are preexisting businesses who need to take it to the next level, to grow. Everyone can learn from the show. Like, for example, I had an owner of a grow out here in Colorado just need organization of the system. There are no systems, the banks don’t take their money, they are out of bags. We need to create a series of systems that are kind of automated and work for them. What’s huge in the industry is lack of balance, lack of sleep. We have someone working the boot camp who is going to take them through emotional as well as physical challenges. They’ll have to work with a team.

KP: It really will create the next marijuana millionaire. We don’t know who its going to be.

303 Magazine cannot wait to find out who will be the next Marijuana Millionaire. Join Wendy and Karen for auditions for the Marijuana Show September 13th and 14th at The Watering Bowl 5411 Leetsdale St. Denver, CO 80246. Bring your enthusiasm, and your best 2 minute pitch. Must be 21 and older with a valid license to audition. Learn more here.

The Marijuana Show, photo by Lindsey Bartlett.

The Marijuana Show, photo by Lindsey Bartlett.