Herradura Barrel Head Art Event Day 1 (46)Herradura’s Barrel Head Art Event wasn’t your average tequila tasting. This unique event spanned over two nights and four locations, but it wasn’t just bar-hopping. Each location created a signature Herradura craft cocktail and showcased a local work of art specifically made for each stop. For every cocktail hour visitors could view and vote on their favorite Herradura barrel head that a Denver artist used as a canvas. This Friday, those same artists will be biting their nails because only one barrel head will be named a winner. Want to see who wins the grand prize of  $1,000? Then make sure to attend the Herradura’s Finale Event this Friday, November 7  at Artwork Network878 Santa Fe drive, from 7 p.m. – 9 p.m.  RSVP now for Herradura’s Finale Event.  Want to know what to expect? Read our recap of last week’s event below!


                                              First Location:  Machete



Located in LoDo, this restaurant was the perfect place to stop by and grab a drink. All guests could try samples of Herradura’s Tequila, as well as Machete’s signature cocktail; The Spicy Ricco.  The Spicy Ricco was expertly paired with their featured artist, Ian Kane. Ian Kane’s barrel head was as unique as Machete’s signature Herradura cocktail. If you missed out on seeing Kane’s barrel head in person, and trying Machete’s signature cocktail, be sure to RSVP for Herradura’s Finale Event so you can see and taste it yourself.

  Second Location: Paxia



Located in the Highlands, Paxia is the type of restaurant that makes you feel at home. Not only was everyone cozy, but guests could paint and sign a Herradura barrel head and try Paxia’s Signature cocktail; The Herratia. Paxia’s drink was as festive, fun and funky as Kelly D. Finn’s barrel head. Kelly D. Finn’s barrel head was a stunner. Don’t believe us? Be sure to RSVP for Herradura’s Finale event, so that you can see her barrel head for yourself.

 Third Location: Margs


If you’ve ever been to Margs Taco Bistro you know that it’s the type of place that you keep coming back to. But who wouldn’t want to go back to Margs when they have such a fun atmosphere and great cocktails like the featured Herradura cocktail, which was a Pumpkin Spiced Margarita. Whether it’s the margaritas, or the atmosphere, Margs was the place to be last Wednesday night. Of course, if you missed out, you can get the essence of Margs by attending Herradura’s Finale event. There you can check out Kraig Labbe’s barrel head and try Margs’ signature Herradura Cocktail.

 Fourth Location: El Camino



The last stop to Herradura’s cocktail hours was located at El Camino. El Camino is the type of place where the bartender knows your name, which made El Camino the perfect spot to end Herradura’s cocktail hours. Not only was the atmosphere great, but everyone seemed to love El Camino’s signature Herradura Cocktail; the Herradura Repasado, as well as Tony Achilles barrel head. If you’re looking to fall in love, be sure to RSVP to Herradura’s finale event so that you can see Achilles’ incredible barrel head and taste El Camino’s incredible signature cocktail.

 Herradura’s Finale event is on Friday, November 7

 at Artwork Network at 878 Santa Fe Drive

 From 7 p.m. – 9 p.m.

 We are only accepting a limited amount of people, don’t miss out RSVP now.

Photography by Lindsey Bartlett 

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