08This week marks the first official week of summer, and we’re celebrating with the first-ever Summer Poolside Fashion Series. The summer’s hottest fashion show will feature some of the brightest, sexiest and trendiest swimsuits that are sure to make a splash. Feline Swimwear is one brand you must look out for at Thursday’s event.

On the market for a new swimsuit? Of course you are. Feline Swimwear has you covered, and will have you drooling when presenting a “sexier approach to the classic American bikini” on the runway. The Peruvian swimwear brand recently debuted in the United States, bringing with it an attention-grabbing Latina flare previously lacking in our closets.



Feline Swimwear was started by Spanish designer Cecilia Guiulfo alongside close friend Alexandra Crawfurd. Guiulfo pays special attention to detail and knows exactly what a woman does (and doesn’t) want to show at the pool or on the beach, resulting in a swimsuit line that every woman desires. No matter what your personality type, Feline Swimwear has something for every type of girl — girly, confident, flirty, hippie, and more.



You don’t have to be super thin like the models on the runway to stand out in these pieces, either. Feline Swimwear promises creative and unique swimsuits that look good on any shape or size. The best part of Feline Swimwear is that each piece is sold separately, and meant to mix and match with others in the collection. We’ve already previewed some of the looks, and our favorites include a pretty one-shoulder ruffled swimsuit top and a cute floral matching bikini set.







Lucky for you, you will get a front row seat to preview the brand’s latest collection too, complete with this season’s must-have traits: neon colors, big bows and lots of fringe. Take it from us, you will be dying to own one of these suits the minute you see them under the runway lights. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Come see for yourself on Thursday.




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