For anyone out there who likes the Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Phish, or Talking Heads (oh wait, that’s pretty much everyone), Quixote’s True Blue has an event this weekend might just make your brain explode with excitement.

The Music Never Stops Making Sense

Event Poster

Two phenomenal tribute bands will be playing a multiple night run this weekend with over ten hours of interlocking sets. The two-night combo performances look to be such a good time that they have even garnered their own event name: The Music Never Stops Making Sense. The shows will happen at Quixote’s tonight, June 6, and tomorrow, June 7, with doors opening at 9 p.m.

The two headlining bands include Pink Talking Fish, who combines well, you can probably guess it, Pink Floyd, Talking Heads and Phish, into a next level live experience.

Also local dudes DeadPhish Orchestra, who fuse the biggest names in jam, Grateful Dead and Phish, into an impressive classic jam set, will also be taking the stage.

The shows are 18+ with tickets only costing fifteen bucks, which is a steal considering how much the original bands would cost to see live.

So if your feet are ready to move and your body is ready to groove, then it would truly behoove you to check out this awesome two-night event.

Check out this video done by Bigger Guy Productions of Pink Talking Fish’s previous visit to Quixote’s:

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