The British post-punk band Eagulls descend on Denver’s Larimer Lounge next Saturday as another stop on their inaugural U.S. tour.

The foursome has attracted quite a lot of attention since the release of their decent debut full-length, a self-titled collection of songs full of subdued loathing and the seething guitars to match. It was a rather abrupt departure from the more bombastic and catchy EP off of which they built their initial audience, one which has swelled since remarkable performances at SXSW and studio performances elsewhere.

That’s not to say that the new stuff doesn’t have some spark to it. Check out this energetic cut “Tough Luck” off their self-titled LP:

Singer George Mitchell seems to acerbate the chords and reverb that his lyrics are awash in, powering through on pure angst and plenty of cockney spirit with lines like “There’s no reason, no use, no meaning behind my crooked smile.”

There will likely be plenty of punks moshing to his dregs-stirring vocals and the studded chords of guitarists Mark Goldsworthy and Liam Matthews.
Eagulls is a punk band with plenty of hashed credentials, like online rants against the music press and songs that tear into the gut.

Catch Eagulls at Larimer Lounge on Saturday, June 7.

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