Silver Spork Social 3What: Silver Spork Social

Where: A secret location, revealed only moments before the dinner.

Pros: 5 drinks, 5 courses, 25 adventurous individuals and 1 secret location. What’s not to love?

Cons:  Be sure to have plenty of time to attend this shindig. Greatness takes time.

Secret dinners and gatherings with the city’s finest are the new black. Silver Spork Social is hosted by Paul Laurie and a variety of his bartender, chef, hospitality and musician friends.  Paul has recently relocated back to Denver from New York City. Silver Spork Social’s mission is to build an exciting atmosphere of fun with food and drinks. Paul Laurie is the brother of fellow, Jamie Laurie, which is how I received the invite. Everything from the band, to the staff is curated by Laurie. The email with instructions to dine with Silver Spork Social was ambiguous, mysterious and entirely enticing. Invitees were told to meet at a particular location, look for a gentleman who tips his hat and prepare to be whisked away for the evening. Needless to say, it’s an intriguing offering; fine dinner, drinks and a band at a secret location. Space was limited and everything was timed just right as guests were, indeed welcomed into a gorgeous space with a king’s dinner prepared.

Silver Spork SocialThe ambiance set the tone for an evening of elegance. From the theme (“Anatomy”) to the band and the paired drinks, each element was perfect. There were blindfolds, nitrogen cooled shots and perfectly prepared food. We dined on pork belly, duck leg stuffed with foie gras and the finest bourbon. Paul Laurie was our host for the evening (along with some of the best chefs and bartenders  in the city who have gigs at a variety of restaurants and bars in Denver) while a band played songs selected specifically for each course. Guests were encouraged to mingle, get to know each other and chat about the food.

For the first course, we were blindfolded as our host described the textures and tastes we were to expect. The atmosphere was quite welcoming and warm, despite sitting next to a complete stranger. Conversation was lively and filled with laughter as many guests caught on to the course theme. The bourbon was spicy and adorned with cherries, served by an astute gentleman with descriptive flourishes and pride over his concoctions.

It was elegant and festive. Paul Laurie recently returned to town from New York City and aims for a city-like affair with all the comforts of your favorite place.

While Silver Spork Social is a secret, you can RSVP for the gathering (there’s a hefty waiting list and very little details available) here. Five courses, five drinks, one soundtrack and 25 adventurous individuals. The meeting location is typically not very far from the dining location but all is kept a secret until just about the day before. Clear your schedule and prepare for an incredible evening.