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Alejandro Rose-Garcia

Denver’s indie-folk scene is about to receive a treat when Austin native Shakey Graves, a pseudonym for Alejandro Rose-Garcia, graces the Hi-Dive and Larimer Lounge this week.

Hailing from the Texas capital, this one-man folk thunderstorm brings along his hand made suitcase kick drum, paired with his distinct sometimes-gravelly sometimes-sweet vocals and some fiery finger picking. His first album, Roll the Bones, put him on the musical map as a force unlike others currently on the folk scene. He recently released his newest EP, Donor Blues, and in my opinion, it is about up to pat with his first. Recently his notoriety has blossomed, putting him well on his way out of the underground scene (sorry hipsters).

Initially Shakey Graves was only set to play one 21+ set at the Hi-Dive on Thursday April 17th, but the show sold out so early in advance that he scheduled another set for ages 16+ at Larimer Lounge on Wednesday. Unfortunately, if you are just now hearing about these shows, they are both sold out! It may be worth your time to see if any scalpers are hanging out front, because from buzz about his SXSW performances plus what can be witnessed online, the heart and soul he puts into these shows is not to be missed. Also, as his reputation expands, it is pretty unlikely you will be able to catch him playing at small intimate venues like these for long.

Check out this video from his set at Audiotree Live that really showcases how he manages to create such a layered sound even though he is just one dude.




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