The last time the former pop rock turned indie rock band The Maine toured through Denver, it was in support of their recently released album, Forever Halloween. They took the headlining spot at Summit Music Hall in downtown Denver, rocking out in front of a raving crowd that consisted of screaming “fangirls” of sorts. But, this time around, it’s going to be a bit different.

Upon completion of their headlining journey across the country, The Maine took no time in getting back to work. Sitting around the confines of their Arizona homes, twiddling their thumbs, waiting for their album sales to increase, or waiting for their next crack at a support tour for Forever Halloween wasn’t on the agenda — actually, it’s been quite the the opposite; they’ve released yet another record.

TheMaine-AcousticEvening-WEB1This time around, though, the record itself is a five-track EP entitled, Imaginary Numbers. What’s really special about this release, is that it just also happens to be an all acoustic release (the first acoustic album that The Maine has released as a band). And in correlation with this acoustic EP release, The Maine have marched out on tour, yet again, except this time with a more intimate, vulnerable intention. “An Evening With…The Maine.”

The Maine aren’t performing this acoustic set at the three-five thousand cap auditoriums that, on any other tour, they could sell out; they’re playing the modest, more hospitable stages and venues that house a few hundred, if they’re lucky. This subtle intimacy makes the night a rare, special occasion that you won’t want to miss. (That’s right girls, lead vocalist John O’Callaghan will be up close and personal for this one.)

On Tuesday, January 28th in downtown Denver, you can catch The Maine at The Moonroom — also known as the front stage/bar that welcomes guests into Summit Music Hall. But, if you are planning on going, it’s highly suggested that you purchase tickets online in advance, or arrive early because, as I mentioned before, the cap space is significantly smaller than that of the actual main hall.

You can find the rest of their short acoustic tour on the adjacent flyer.

Written by Samuel Lang of 303 Magazine.
Photos courtesy of The Maine.

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