p32r5yItxH2E2rP2mSQtZVG5AmyqTGvVR12pT7PlvnQWhat: Corvus Coffee

Where: 1740 South Broadway

Pros: Their new location is ideal for coffee lovers. A large space with an adjacent parking lot makes it easy to stay awhile.

Cons: If you enjoy the bells and whistles of a corporate coffee house (i.e.: strawberry frappuccinos), then Corvus Coffee may not be for you.

It’s safe to say that I am a coffee adnSw4_gbo6iNoKODHtLiiZjEVZMA8tINHWxGhz0G_7V8dict. Although I hate to admit it, my day can be severely affected by the amount of coffee that’s in my system. Whether it’s to jumpstart my morning, or get me through that 2 PM feeling, coffee plays a huge role in my life. And because I know I’m not the only one, I am starting this year off with a buzz and visiting all of the craft coffee shops that this active city has to offer.

I decided to start the official debut of ‘The Buzz’ at Corvus Coffee on South Broadway. Corvus recently opened its doors at their new shop and already has a strong group of followers. This is likely due to the fact that Corvus Coffee has actually been operating for four years in a smaller roastery down the street. After quickly gaining momentum, Corvus outgrew their old spot and decided to go bigger. Their new roastery and shop resembles a city loft with exposed vents and oak wood style structures. It is a blend of modern and country style décor and is perfect for relaxing with a bold cup of coffee. Also, since it’s a corner spot, there is also a large patio area and parking lot for extra convenience. No more having to park blocks away to jump out and quickly grab a cup of coffee. At Corvus, you are encouraged to stay awhile.

Corvus Coffee gets their coffee beans from different places all over the world. Although they are considered to be a small-scale artisan roaster, they source their beans from farms and co-ops from Colombia, Ethiopia, Brazil and Honduras. Their menu is split into “Black”, “White” and “Other.”  The Black items are things like espressos, Americanos, and pour over coffee options. The espresso was bold with flavor and served with a small glass of sparkling water; I found this to be a nice touch. The White options are items that are made with more amounts of milk, like cappuccinos, cortados, and lattes. Their cappuccino is fashioned with a perfect amount of milk so the coffee aromas are not lost.

YlR_B1DnaGxZb2Hg20qVdsn1KDPwnKi1866ywQhKUWUIf you are looking for a special treat, Corvus’ Mocha is absolutely delicious. The baristas will actually melt the homemade chocolate ganache into the espresso to create a delicious mixture of smooth coffee and chocolaty flavors. It had a rich, buttery taste that I proceeded to drink faster than what is normally appropriate. Luckily, Corvus’ prices are reasonable and can fit in well with your monthly budget. If you are looking for a snack, Corvus serves pastries from Breadworks in Boulder. You won’t have to worry about how long pastries have been sitting out; Breadworks delivers to Corvus fresh every morning.

Corvus was a great first pick for The Buzz and a fantastic example of craft coffee done right. The baristas were willing and able to answer any questions, not only from me, but also from other patrons in line. It’s clear that they are passionate about coffee. So if you are looking for a break from your home coffee maker and looking to step it up a notch, head down to Corvus Coffee.

Photos by Camille Breslin, 303 Magazine Photographer.