If 2013 had an EDM/Trap/Dubstep artist that stood out more-so than any other, the unrelenting dance trio of Yasmine Yousaf, Jahan Yousaf and “Rain Main,” that make up Krewella, would take the cake. Their debut record, Get Wet (Columbia Records), was released in late September and has since rocketed to the top of the dance charts. Krewella’s lead single “Alive” — originally released on their debut EP Play Hard — has already achieved platinum status, selling over one million units since its initial release, and it has also peaked at number nine on the Billboard “Mainstream Top 40.”

Krewella’s latest single release, “Human,” is unlike anything they’ve released before. An influx of sentimental emotion and a level of unguarded vulnerability keep the once predicated bass-pumping, electro swirl sound that pigeonholed Krewella into a specific classification and genre, at bay — at least for this single. Yasmine and Jahan (who happen to be sisters) are both spellbinding through their vocal intricacies and execution.

“Human” is regaling in a somewhat unfettered display of command and power through delicate harmony; it’s almost as if the EDM veil has been lifted to give us all a semblance of what may come from Krewella in the future … And to better prepare us for a release that bends the limitations of “genre” beyond what we’ve come to know.

Check out “Human” right here, right now:


Written by Samuel Lang of 303 Magazine.
Photo and video courtesy of Krewella and Columbia Records.


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