Print Issue Brand Spotlight: Soybu

Photo by Caitlin Savage
Photo by Caitlin Savage
Photo by Caitlin Savage

Want to dress like a Denver Broncos Cheerleader and support a local product? Look no further than Soybu — a Colorado-based company that sponsors the Broncos Cheerleader’s featured in our fall print issue.

If you have already picked up your copy of our Fall Fashion/DFW print issue then you will have seen the “2 Weeks To Runway Ready” piece in our Health & Sports section. In addition to great exercises, the girls look ready to hit the runway in their Soybu clothing.

Sorry fellas this line is for ladies only. Soybu’s mission is to:

“Our vision is simple – to empower women in their busy, active everyday lives so they will look and feel feminine, stylish and comfortable. All day. Everyday. Our performance apparel is creatively designed to move seamlessly between the activities of everyday without sacrificing quality or style.”

Upon personal examination I could not agree more. I tried a few pieces from their fitness apparel collection around town.

What I tried:

Lanai tank + Killer Caboose Legging

Photo courtesy of Soybu
Photo courtesy of Soybu

I wore them to: A shoulder prehab/rehab gymnastics class at Awaken: Gymnastics-Inspired Fitness.

Verdict: Favorite outfit hands down. The Lanai Tank had a wonderfully slimming cut and unique pattern that I got multiple compliments on. These leggings moved where I did, and were so comfortable that I’m sure they will double as “lazy day pants”. I would recommend both of these pieces to everyone.

Starburst tank

Broncos Cheerleader Toni Damico in Soybu's Starburst Tank. Photo by Caitlin Savage.
Broncos Cheerleader Toni Damico in Soybu’s Starburst Tank. Photo by Caitlin Savage.

I wore it to: A barre class at The Dailey Method.

Verdict: I loved the way this tank stayed put during class — no readjusting. Wish it had enough built-in chest support to wear without a sports bra so I could show off the unique cross-strap back design.

Sara Hoodywho says cool weather exercise has to consist of oversized baggy clothes? 

Photo by Holly Osborn
Photo by Holly Osborn

I wore it to: A hatha yoga class at my local YMCA and on a run later that same day.

Verdict: This is the perfect cool weather throw hoody for exercise. It kept me warm and cozy during yoga (am I the only one who freezes during shavasana?). Like the Lanai tank it had a slimming fit with just enough room to move and breath while running outdoors. I would recommend this hoody to anyone looking to stay warm and fashionable this season while staying fit. Plus: pair it with skinny jeans for a versatile fashionable (non-workout) outfit.

2 Weeks to the Runway
Photo by Caitlin Savage

As we begin to pack away our sundresses and ambitions for that “bikini body” it seems like all of the beautiful people come out of hiding. DFW models, NFL cheerleaders, even the Miss Universe and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will  be on television in the next few weeks. It is all about enough to send females into a “Screw it — hand me a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and my sweatpants” hibernation mode.

Photo by Caitlin Savage
Photo by Caitlin Savage

Denver Broncos Cheerleaders trainer and 303’s print issue workout mastermind, Holly Flaherty, passes on some words of encouragement about feeling confident in the midst of media hotty overload:

“Everybody is made differently. I would encourage women to find something to wear that they feel comfortable in. That way they can focus on the exercise and not the way they look while doing it.”

With an extensive collection of clothing designed to fit every size, Soybu is helping women from Colorado and beyond feel confident in themselves. From cheerleaders to 6 foot tall sports writers, and every size in between.

To find your nearest retail location or for a full selection of products visit:

Don’t have your copy of 303’s print issue yet? No fear. You will receive a complimentary copy at Denver Fashion Weekend on November 9 +10 – buy tickets HERE.

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