“I’m a big girl!” or “I’m a big boy!” young tykes exclaim in a declaration of independence and rebellion against their tiny tot status. It seems that every little kid is in a hurry to get older and shed the cocoon of childhood, but the innocence and joy of being young is often the perfect time to learn lasting lessons of love.


Here are the top Love Lessons from Childhood:

1.) Expressing Emotions Energizes Relationships

Kids will tell you exactly how they feel: bored, tired or happy. Take a cue from these little people and be brave in expressing emotion.

With the rise of tech gadgets, long commutes and smaller families with less church/community involvement, everyone has become socially isolated and emotionally handicap. Fewer in-person interactions mean far fewer chances to hone social skills and to express emotions of love, sharing and caring. Take the time to offer friends and family lovey dovey sentiments and make gestures of love.

2.) Touch Trumps Talking

Little kids love the tactile sensation of toys, outdoor objects and almost anything tangible. They love hugging with abandon and holding hands. Many babies never want to be set down and lose the warmth and safety of being in someone’s arms.

Touch has been proven to lower blood pressure, decrease heart rate, improve immune function and make people happier and less anxious. Touch is a powerful communicator and even a simple hug or quick kiss can make all the difference in improving the strength of a relationship._DSC6600

3.) Fun Comes First

Children live for the thrill of having fun. They enjoy trying new games, playing fantasy characters and creating imaginary worlds.

Adults need to spend more time in their relationships pursuing fun activities like amusement parks, road trips, scavenger hunts and costume parties. Bonding with a loved one is often easier when there is fun happening.

4.) Love Without Regret

Mini-adults will often approach strangers and offer acknowledgement or questions. They’re never ashamed of approaching someone new or trying to build a fresh connection.

Grown-ups are terrified of failure, loneliness, rejection and pain. They will avoid taking risks in meeting new people and trying to “put themselves out there” in order to stay “safe.” Leaving one’s comfort zone is often the key to finding and enjoying lasting love.