Downtown Breckenridge Oktoberfest

Downtown Breckenridge Oktoberfest

Rain and overcast have been all too familiar this week, while I have enjoyed the change in weather I am ready to be sandwiched by sunshine and blue skies. The weather has confined me to the indoors more than I would care to admit this week and I am hoping the sun is on the way, especially because I am on the hunt, looking for the perfect place to celebrate. This week I am celebrating my birthday and in the process of looking for a non-traditional way to party I had a flash of genius. This upcoming weekend is Oktoberfest in Breckenridge. I can’t imagine a better way to honor the conquering of another year than with racing, hiking, beer and pretzels.

OCT_5300a Robin Johnson

Dressed to impress in lederhosen


This year marks the 19th annual Breckenridge Oktoberfest, this festival is a slice of Munich wrapped up in a mountain town and surrounded by outdoor activities, as well as Paulaner Bier. The brew masters at Paulaner craft a specialty batch of their signature brews exclusively for Breckenridge Oktoberfest. As if the beer alone was not enough to make you run for the hills, the Town of Breckenridge hosts a slew of events throughout the entire weekend.



The festivities start on Friday the 13th with the Main Street Party from 2-6 p.m. Following the town party is the Brewmasters Dinner; this event sells out every year without fail. Colorado’s Top Chefs and the Brew Gods of Paulaner pair each course with a handcrafted brew to make your taste buds stand up and bow down. Make sure to get a great night sleep because once Saturday hits the party goes nonstop from sunrise to well after sunset.


Bavarian Pretzels

Bavarian Pretzels

The Oktoberfest 5k is a great way to kick off the morning, lace up your running shoes and earn your right to drink from a liter stein all afternoon. The race starts promptly at 10:00 a.m. from the South Gondola parking lot. From Denver head west on I-70 to the Frisco/Breckenridge exit 203. Follow Highway 9 south towards Breckenridge and you will see the gondola to your right. The South lot is the located on the far side of the gondola as you drive into town, look for the tents and runners and you can’t miss it. If you are planning on participating make sure to arrive extra early; per-registration has already sold out and the only have 25 spots left for day of participants. The Oktoberfest 5K trail weaves in and out of the Town of Breckenridge on well manicured trails and circles the towns coveted forests. This is a high energy race that caters to all levels, but strollers and dogs are unfortunately not allowed. The total distance of the race is only 3.2 miles, and the scenery makes it all worth it.





Flushed from running or possibly just starting your day, the best place to reunite with your crew is at the ceremonial Keg tapping which will happen on Main Street Saturday at high noon. Let the party begin. Beer flows all day till 6 p.m. surrounded by dancing, music and food, you will surely be entertained. My favorite piece of Breckenridge Oktoberfest is the commemorative stein.


Each year the town designs new artwork to adorn theses ceramic chalices. Stein sales start at 10 am on Saturday morning, and the sooner you can grab one the better because supplies are limited and they always sell out. Steins are not required to drink the beer but they definitely enhance the experience. So grab your lederhosen and dirndls kids let’s prost and have a beer rain or shine out on the streets of Breck.


The Deets:

  • Town of Breckenridge


  • September 13th-15th


  • 81 Miles west of Denver

Price for beer?

  • $30 per Half Liter Stein
  • $35 per One Liter Stein

Beer Tickets?

  • Beer tickets are an additional charge

5K Price?

  • $30 per adults 18 years old and up
  • $20 for youth, youth racers begin at 7:30 am in the South Gondola Parking Lot

Where to stay?

  • Lodging with, Lake Dillon Camping


  • Trail running, Hiking, Beer, Festivals, Shops, Costumes, Oompa Band, Polka Dancing, Lederhosen

Insider Hints?

  • You do not have to purchase a stein to drink beer, in fact beer tickets are an additional cost to the stein

Dog Friendly?

  • Unfortunately no

Extra Goodies?

  • Town Of Breckenridge, Lake Dillon,