If you are open to it, Adventures in Art surrounds us everyday. The exciting concept about this First Friday Art Reception at Bridging Hope Gallery called Adventures in Art is that it truly is an adventurous stroll through the artistic mind of three local Artists; Jennifer Gudgel Getson, Robert Davis Garner and Erik Rieger. They each focus their talents in different mediums bringing true adventure to this exhibit.


"East of Far" - Pastels - Jennifer Gudgel Getson

“East of Far” – Pastels – Jennifer Gudgel Getson


“I work in soft pastel, oil, collage, photography and printing arts,” states Jennifer. This show she is sharing the adventure of pastel painting landscapes to let your mind wonder beyond the canvas.





“I find inspiration in others art, in life, in nature and in love” smiles Jennifer and continues “Inspiration can be anywhere there is a passion. Art is a unique take on the persona and life of the artist; you can never do a bad job of it. Nothing and everything makes my approach to my artwork different and unique. Everyone is unique, artist’s approaches are unique and therefore artists are different in that way from each other, but also similar because of it.”


"Issac" - Mixed Media - Robert Davis Garner

“Issac” – Mixed Media – Robert Davis Garner


Robert’s artwork takes us in a totally different direction with bold, lively colors, with a hint of Western flare and Basquiat attitude, but it is all Robert’s energy that is placed onto the canvas. “I am not afraid as an artist to mimic and pay tribute to my influences. I embrace them, take from them and create my own style,” smiles Robert.


“It may seem obvious that I have been influenced by Basquiat, but I find that his work is the one art that can truly baffle me. I am also drawn to the work of Orozco a Mexican muralist.” Robert’s medium is mixed, oil sticks, oil pastels, latex paint and collage.


Robert’s philosophy for work, family, life; “Right now it is about becoming who you want to be for all three and work each day to become that person,” smiles Robert “And my wife has truly been the key to my success.”



"Einstein" - Etching - Erik Rieger

“Einstein” – Etching – Erik Rieger


“Nothing makes my approach to my art style unique or different than anyone else’s, we are all talented and special,” states Erik.

“I work in oil paints and steel and the rewards are creating the work.” Picaso and Dali were two artists that struck an “awe” chord with Erik and he stated the reason why in one word, color.

“Three keys to my success have been persistence, being flexible and love because sometimes as a working artist you wear many hats, “ smiles Erik.

“I would also have to add that my greatest influence has been my Mom and Dad.”

Erik typically is dancing under a shower of sparks, performing by etching into 4×4 sheets of steel, however, tonight his etchings are slightly smaller and  he exercises his approach to the abstract.


Bridging Hope Gallery is located at 4309 Tennyson Street, Denver, Colorado, 303-477-0309. First Friday Reception 6p.m. – 9p.m., show runs through August 24th, 2013.


Adventures in Art is a collaborative exhibit between Bridging Hope Gallery and WENDO Productions.  Some of the proceeds from the sale of artwork from this show will go to Bridging Hope, “a Colorado non-profit organization whose mission is to provide assistance to indigent, ill, disadvantaged and disabled women and children in Viet Nam”.



Bridging Hope

Bridging Hope








To learn more about Bridging Hope visit www.Bridging-Hope.org


WENDO Productions is a Colorado company that works with Artists, Alternative Venues and Galleries to “Introduce the Public to the Artistic World Around Us”, visit www.WENDOProductions.com for more information, upcoming and past events.