Fashion Editor’s Letter: August

ASOS Sleeveless Bomber Jacket in Metallic Leather and Sweat ($118) Photo Courtesy of

No doubt I am a high-maintenance fashionista with exclusive tastes on a rather economical budget. As such, each season as I am inundated with must-haves, top 10s (granted, they’re like this one) and a deluge of the latest trends on the street (anyone else feeling the pressure?) that I “must have.” Of course, my insatiable little fashion heart wants everything I set my eyes on, but neither my closet nor my wallet can stomach the bill.

This is why I’ve compiled a personal shopping list of what I think are the biggest takeaways from the fall 2013 runways, glossies and street fashions to pare down the extensive list. My suggestion is to try to focus on the addition of two to three key pieces to spruce up your autumn attire. Below are a few ideas to get your fall wish list started.

What trends will you be jumping on the bandwagon with this season? Share with the rest of Denver’s fashionistas below in the comments section.


I used to associate animal print with one thing and one fist-pumping thing only. Jersey. But in the past couple of seasons animal print has taken a turn for the better.

Whether you are attracted to zebra, cheetah, leopard or snakeskin prints, let your wild side surface with pieces that take an unexpected spin on the trend. Instead of reaching for that safe classic brown and black leopard-printed scarf, opt for a faux snakeskin coated denim jean, a leopard print jersey knit dress in one of the eye-popping jewel tones of the season like cobalt, peridot, ruby or garnet, or a fun, colorblocked skirt like the one from Nasty Gal below. My only message of warning is that one piece of animal print is usually sufficient unless you’re visiting the Shore.

Serpent Skirt from Nasty Gal Photo Courtesy of
Serpent Skirt from Nasty Gal ($230)
Photo Courtesy of
2. Crack the Whip – TOUGH ENOUGH LEATHER

In year’s past the only way someone would be caught dead wearing leather was if it was real. Nowadays, faux or real, it’s hard to tell the difference. Besides, vegan leather is all the rage and delightfully inexpensive.

If you’re feeling gutsy wear a full leather legging, or if you’re a little leather shy, wear one with leather trim or leather piping. Likewise for leather jackets. Cross two trends into one with a classic moto-jacket, or opt for an LBD with leather details as Miley Cyrus did while in her Modern Punk phase. Better yet go for unique imposter-leather fabrics like wax-coated denim. That is the beauty of the classic leather fall trend we see time and time again: this season there are introductory leather pieces for the faint of hide!

ASOS Sleeveless Bomber Jacket in Metallic Leather and Sweat ($118) Photo Courtesy of
ASOS Sleeveless Bomber Jacket in Metallic Leather and Sweat ($118)
Photo Courtesy of

Oatmeal, tan, khaki – blah. These neutrals are tired. Navy and gray once were solely menswear or workwear, but now these colors are fresh. Pair them together or go monochromatic in each for a ladylike, polished look.

Helmut Lang Coma Sheen Dress ($295) Photo Courtesy of
Helmut Lang Coma Sheen Dress ($295)
Photo Courtesy of
4. Still A Trend … COLOR BLOCKING

Color blocking really is not anything too novel this season, but it is good to know it is still lingering. The trend within the trend for fall 2013 is black and white contrasting yokes within the same garment. It could be a skirt or dress with a white panel in the center and black flanking the sides (perfect for slimming the body), or vice versa.

Kate Spade New York "Tillie" Colorblock Dress ($398) Photo Courtesy of
Kate Spade New York “Tillie” Colorblock Dress ($398)
Photo Courtesy of
5. Boy’s Club Prints – MENSWEAR

It was not too long I ago I was writing about this same trend but for pillows, wall coverings and lamps, ha. Well, now the boy’s club is opening up its doors to the womenswear realm. Now, don’t be mistaken. Menswear-inspired is not the same as slipping into your bf’s loose-fitting favorites.

Specifically this season we are seeing a lot of menswear fabrics on traditional feminine silhouettes and tailored pieces. Out in the shops you might think you’ve been transported to a British haberdashery with the overwhelming appearance of houndstooth, Prince of Wales checks (how apropos with the recent royal birth), and an array of plaids and tartans. See how Cara Delevingne does it for some masculine style inspiration.

Alice + Olivia Weston Straight Skirt with Buckle ($242) Photo Courtesy of
Alice + Olivia Weston Straight Skirt with Buckle ($242)
Photo Courtesy of
6. Stepford, Anyone? – MID-CENTURY

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love 50s fashion. While I abhor its association to requisite mid-century housewifery, it is undeniably feminine. I am loving both Prada’s and Miu Miu’s glam takes on it this season. Play on this trend with full-skirted cupcake dresses, retro prints like gingham and high waistlines for that wasp waist effect. Don’t forget the pin curls, pearls and bold red lip. Go ahead and channel your inner Lana Del Rey.

Kate Spade New York Laurence Dress (548) Photo Courtesy of
Kate Spade New York Laurence Dress ($548)
Photo Courtesy of
7. Bring the Heat – SWEATSHIRTS

As women we do not often discover garments that offer both fashion and comfort, but this season the sweatshirt is bringing the heat.

The sweatshirts of the moment are hoodless (picture a Hanes’ silhouette – never thought I’d see the day I’d say that). Of course, these of-the-moment sweatshirts up the fashion element with embellishments, pattern and sheer fabrics. So, no, your college hoodie with your alma mater’s name plastered across the front doesn’t make the cut.

Wear it with skinny jeans and high-tops, or play down a frilly skirt with tights and pointed-toe flats for daytime.

This isn't your average sweatshirt.  J.Crew Jeweled Short-Sleeve Sweatshirt ($98) Photo Courtesy of
J.Crew Jeweled Short-Sleeve Sweatshirt ($98)
Photo Courtesy of
8. “Honey, I shrunk an icon bag” – MINI HANDBAGS

OK, who hasn’t been salivating over (or if you’re lucky, on a waiting list) for an Hermès Birkin bag for most of their lifetime? At least for me unless I sell most (OK, all) of what I own, that’s a pipe dream. Well, what if I told you iconic bags from design houses like Hermès, Saint Laurent, Chanel and others came in petites (with a friendlier price point)?

They do, my friend, and they are so hot right now. Yes, you may look like you are toting your little sister’s handbag, but this is the fleeting moment where you can actually get away with it!

This ‘mini’ trend may not last longer than you can say, “Honey, I shrunk an icon bag,” so get the potentially limited edition darlings while you still can. Below is a more cost effective MK option, but my favorite of the season is the Saint Laurent mini duffle.

Mini-me. MICHAEL Michael Kors 'Hamilton - Mini' Leather Messenger Bag ($168) Photo Courtesy of
MICHAEL Michael Kors ‘Hamilton – Mini’ Leather Messenger Bag – 6 1/2″W x 5″H x 2″D ($168)
Photo Courtesy of

If Kate Middleton is doing it, we all should follow suit. The next ever-so-Kate style I’m jumping on the bandwagon of is oversized coats. I know we all worry that “oversized” is going to make us appear just that, oversized and dumpy, yet if you opt for a tailored piece like those from J.Crew, Carven or Tory Burch (pictured), and pair it with skin-skimming pieces like skinny pants and a button-up, you’ll be London-chic for sure.

Roseann Coat ($550)
Photo Courtesy of
10. Booties, Booties, Booties, Rockin’ Everywhere – THE ANKLE BOOTIE

It is the constant ebb and flow of fashion: what goes up, must come down. Although over-the-knee boots are still in style, there is a resurgence of the ankle bootie. In particular, for fall 2013 choose those with a stacked heel or a platform (your feet will thank you). Buckles, cutouts, obvious zippers and metal heel plates also make appearances. Dress ‘em up or dress ‘em down, booties are rockin’ everywhere.

Free People Messeca Adelle Ankle Boot ($238) Photo Courtesy of
Free People Messeca Adelle Ankle Boot ($238)
Photo Courtesy of


  1. Brittany! I almost laughed out loud in my cubicle when I saw that you referenced "miss new booty" when speaking to the ankle boot. I love reading your articles and your fresh take on fashion in the world around us. Keep up the great work!

    1. Lora! Thank you so much. So happy my irreverent humor made you laugh. And I’m just so happy someone caught the reference. Of course you would! I will try to keep it coming. Thanks so much for taking the time to read!

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