Two weeks ago, I had an argument over a beer about arts in Denver. My companions tried to prove that Denver wasn’t “cultured” – speaking to the fact that “but if dancers were really any good, wouldn’t they move to NYC?” I tried to approach this argument as reasonably and as calmly as possible.

It’s hard to defend your opinion when you’re a staunch supporter of all arts in Denver, with a penchant for the incredible dance we have in this city, when the entertainment focus seems to revolve largely around sports seasons. Luckily, Pointe Magazine, an  internationally renowned classical ballet publication, spoke for me. The June/July issue focused on the top 10 corps de ballet dancers in the world. And yes – yes, oh yes, one of those dancers on the list was Tracy Jones, Colorado Ballet corps newcomer.  I’ll let Tracy (who could dance – and has! – anywhere in the world) take it from here:

You’re new to Colorado Ballet. What’s something you particularly enjoy about Denver, this company, Colorado?

Denver is such a beautiful city. It is a lot more lively than I expected it to be and there are so many things to do. I especially like how much art is appreciated here. Colorado has so many wonderful places to visit. I have not lived here for that long but have already gotten to see some great cities such as Vail, Aspen and Carbondale.

Colorado Ballet has been very welcoming and I think what I like the most is the people I work with–from the artistic staff to my colleagues, everyone is very friendly, dedicated to the art form and inspiring to work with.

Tell me about the Tango piece you’re in this Thursday, when Colorado Ballet performs An Evening Under the Stars?

The piece is called Piazzolla, featuring music by the composer of the same name. It is choreographed by our Ballet mistress Lorita Travaglia who has a great passion for tango and has used that to create this fusion of ballet/tango. The piece has three sections and I am featured in the second, which is a pas de deux telling the story of two people rising into love. As a dancer, to have something specifically choreographed on you is great opportunity. It has been a really good experience and I am very much looking forward to performing it for the first time in Arvada.

Pointe Magazine recently gave you the honor of 10 Stars of the Corps. You’ve danced all over the world. What keeps you going? How do you find inspiration to bop around to so many different locations and take on so many roles?

Honestly, I think what really keeps me going is my love for dancing. Being a dancer can be very difficult at times, so you really have to love it to keep going. That said, having been fortunate enough to have traveled as much as I have has been equally inspiring. Not only have I had the opportunity to be inspired by all the different countries and cultures I have visited, I have also been lucky to have had the opportunity to perform with and learn from many talented dancers from all over the world. Anytime I have been to a new country or danced with a different company, I have learned so much and that in itself continues to inspire me every day.

Catch Jones and the rest of the world-class Colorado Ballet company this Thursday for “An Evening Under the Stars” at the Arvada Center Outdoor Ampitheatre. It’s a great way to wind down the summer and prepare for Colorado Ballet’s phenomenal 2013-2014 season. Giselle, a quintessential classical ballet, is Oct 4-13. Holiday staple The Nutcracker will roll around again Nov 30 – Dec 28, and 2014 kicks off with Cinderella, Feb 14-23, all at The Ellie.