Fashion Functions: Poshmark “Posh” Party Comes to Denver

Photo Courtesy of Teresa Taylor
Photo By Teresa Taylor


This week Poshmark arrived to its Denver “Posh” Party in style. Chic sundresses, cocktails and decadent Poshmark props decorated the Four Seasons pool terrace.

The company is an online-based retail community where women buy and sell designer clothing from each other’s “closets”.

Marketing Manager, Maria Morales, described the shopping experience as a “revolving closet” that is socially active with sharing, liking and commenting; making it a unique and economical alternative to pricey conventional shopping sprees.

Photo Courtesy of Teresa Taylor
Photo By Teresa Taylor

While sipping cocktails in a purple Jared Lang button-down; CEO and founder, Manish Chandra, explained Poshmark’s growth and goals.

Chandra states, “I wanted to create a business on a platform powered by love, with personalizing options and bringing the strong energy from online to ‘Posh’ parties in major cities”.

They make about two appearances each month including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Dallas and Boston.

With 200,000 active sellers and a projected market value between 350 million to 500 million by the end of 2013, the “Posh” community is a pronounced one.

Big group
Photo By Teresa Taylor

Partygoers expressed their “addicted and obsessed” use of the app.

One young woman, who is currently working toward a JD MBA and interning at a law firm, used her fashion finesse for financial help. The Vanderbilt grad has made about $5,000 on Poshmark in the past two months. She notes how if something doesn’t sell, that’s one more thing in her closet! Amazingly, another woman used sales on Poshmark to help pay for her cancer treatments when a full-time job wasn’t an option.

Whether you’re looking to update your closet or make a little money, Poshmark proves to be a definite go-to. From J. Crew to Louis Vuitton, your closet can be adorned courtesy of fellow dashing ladies!

Poshmark is a fun, fresh shopping experience (and surely knows how to throw a lovely soiree)!

Photo courtesy of Teresa Taylor
Photo By Teresa Taylor


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