Pick Up Lines

The epic 303 Magazine Pool Party Series at The Breakers Resort is coming. To celebrate, I’ve assembled a list of the sexiest Do’s and the most serious Don’ts in poolside pick-up lines.

Pick-up lines have always straddled the fence between cheesy and drool-inducing. It’s a fun way to flirt and show your crush your sense of humor. But drop the wrong line, and they’ll swim away in a heartbeat.

No matter your pick-up line style, from cheesy to sleazy to sweetheart, the most important thing to bring is your confidence.

DO: Remember details (like their name)

Loud music is no excuse. We are all so busy listening to our own introduction that we don’t hear the person we are flirting with introduce themselves. Instead of telling them you have “nominal aphasia”, try listening in and repeating their name immediately. It helps retain the name in your short term memory and shows the person you genuinely care.

Because there is no greater turn-off than, “What’s your name again?”


DON’T: Compliment their body/bikini right off the bat.

Especially in swim suits. You have to make the person of interest feel like you aren’t just staring at their curves. Obviously, you are. But they don’t need to know that. Try maintaining eye contact and complimenting their smile, hair, makeup, eyes, shoes, towel– anything but chest and butt. It shows them you have depth of character and differentiates you from those playing in the shallow end.

What’s your favorite position?


DO: Apply Generously.

Pick Up Lines

A smooth way to break the ice at The Breakers Resort is to say you forgot your sunscreen. It shows the other person you are health conscience. If they brought sunscreen they must be, too, right? It also gives you an excuse to have a little physical contact. “Can you rub lotion on my tan, muscly, sculpted back?” Brilliant.

Is that sunscreen in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

DON’T: Say “I have a thing for…”

Whether the madlib finishing the sentence is “red heads, blondes, tall girls, short guys, beefcakes”– it’s overdone. It is not a good look to fetishize your crush. It also doesn’t encourage the conversation to continue.

What am I supposed to say, thank heredity? My mom is a redhead? If she was here, you’d hit on her too?

Pick Up Sunscreen Lotion

DO: Stand out.

Let’s be honest, most girls are swimming through a pool of come-ons every day. You have to stand out from the pack. Show them your sense of humor. Sometimes cheesy does the trick. That’s the beautiful part about pick up lines; if they make the object of your affection laugh, they can actually do you a favor.

Punk Rock Pick-Up Line: How can such a bad ass have such a good ass?

DON’T: Scare them off.

It’s not just how you say the pick up line, but how you respond to it. Sometimes the repartee is set up perfectly for a conversation. Other times, your response can stop the convo in it’s tracks. Not necessarily a deal breaker, but not radiating positive vibes either.

Did you fall from heaven?

Are you suggesting I’m Lucifer?

No… I… Uh…

Because you’re right, I am.

Come get your flirt on at the 303 Magazine Pool Party Series sponsored by Grey Goose, Bacardi, and Red Bull. We even have a free limo ride you can sign up for by visiting this website. Bring your swimsuit and your A-game.



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