photo by Jason Siegel Photography

With UMS kicking off this Thursday, it’s time to create a “must watch” guide of bands to see. I’ll help you out with the first one, which is a new favorite: FLASH/LIGHTS. Last Thursday night was actually the first time I saw FLASH/LIGHTS perform, and I’ll be creating my UMS schedule around this Saturday’s performance.

Frontman Ethan Converse developed something special with his ‘Narcotic Pop’ sound. His live performance, although only including two band members total, is as mesmerizing as the band’s newest music video – simple and fresh, yet I can’t stop watching.

“The music video for ‘All my love‘ is about young love and the process of making the perfect mix-tape to give to the apple of your eye,” said Converse. “Having the guts to actually give out that music that drives your heart, however, is easier said than done.”

“All my love” is the first of 2-3 new singles to appear on the band’s upcoming EP – release date and title TBD. Check out the EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE of the video and don’t forget to watch FLASH/LIGHTS perform at Blue Ice @ 11: p.m. this Saturday.