Accessorize Me: Decadence Rings

This oversized gem exudes femininity on a dainty hand.
This oversized gem exudes femininity on a dainty hand.
This oversized gem exudes femininity on a dainty hand.

Decadence rings with this season’s dedication to les bagues trop grand. From chic rocks to precious stones, giant rings are the statement piece that every woman needs. These dazzling giants achieve a look of femininity far greater than that of their smaller counterparts and achieve a look that will certainly not go unnoticed. From poolside garb to evening couture, decadent rings are the essential accessory.

Layered with lace.
Layered with lace.

Rings are special. Unlike other bijoux counterparts, they give far more life to an ensemble. Necklaces sit stagnant on a neckline and bracelets calmly adorn the wrist, but rings dance and twinkle with the motion of the hands.

They breathe character and voice into the wearer that other jewelry cannot. Rings adorn something as simple as a glass of wine in the wearer’s hand.

Cover of "Couture" in 1968.
Cover of “Couture” in 1968.

While this look is a serious trend at the moment, it is hardly blazing new trails. It is truly an eternal style that ebbs and flows with the movements of fashion. Rest assured that the decadent monarchs and matriarchs of the Ancien Régime would be proud. And gracing the cover of Couture in 1968 was a model adorned in rings of all kinds. These oversized bands create a daintiness of the hand that exudes femininity. And a chic sparkle of a gemstone never hurt anyone.

Whether testing this style or fully committed, fear not. From one ring to many, this look is acceptable. Layered, stacked or solitary, these giant stones achieve this decadent look. So whether it’s a pool day or an evening cocktail hour, adorn yourself. And when you notice that your hands flow differently and you hold things more gracefully, enjoy. You have the look fit for a queen. Decadence rings with this season’s hottest accessory.

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