It is a simple fact of life that we go through cycles of fear. These can be brought on by many different factors, people or situations, but always the common denominator is that we are letting go of something we know that feels safe and secure, and moving into a new space that is unknown and therefore scary.

fear02We are taught to hold on to what we have and not change. We are taught to maintain stability at any cost. This is what we call living normal lives, but more and more, for more and more people, this is not possible. Big changes are happening in our world and our lives and will continue to unfold until we all reach a new and different level of human consciousness, so we all need to learn how to work with change and the fears and uncertainties it brings.

The first thing to understand is that fear is our friend. It is our inner signal system, letting us know we are moving into new territory and preparing us to slow down and pay attention. It is like a road sign saying, “Slow down, work ahead”.

Second, it is a universal rule that we do not attract tests or challenges – including changes – that we are not ready for and able to get through. Remember that the bottom line is that all you have to do is to not give up and you will find the way through to a new and more spacious freedom within yourself.

Our fears keep us limited and small. As they surface, they put out messages that we are ready and strong enough to face them, master them, and grow. On the other side of that, we discover that we get rewards, and one of them is that our fear energy becomes power energy to create new things and have new choices.

Growth means more freedom, more available choices, and more power to create our life success_leapaccording to our dreams. All real growth is attended by some fear. Welcome it as your protective, caring friend.

One final point to ponder: fear and excitement, when measured in the body, are exactly the same physiological process. When we know the outcome of the challenge, it is exciting. When we do not, it is scary. Practice turning fear into excitement by reminding yourself that you will not give up and, instead, you will see the outcome and it will be good. 

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