Céline Triple Shopper

Céline Triple Shopper

Boxy bags are a hot commodity in the fashion world right now. And as we move into summer, they are the perfect sidekick to any outfit. Somehow the summer seems to enliven the free spirit in all of us —whizzing from event to event without a care in world, except for our desire to be fashionable.

But as we prance from the pool to a picnic to an engagement shower, what’s a girl to do? Prep for it all and enjoy the ride. And these boxy bags are just the way to hide the day’s necessities under a chic, leather façade.

There are currently a number of styles that are ‘trendy’ as far as handbags and clutches go. And most oscillate — uncommitted — to any particular style. The boxy bag is quite the opposite. Masculine in its rigid seams and precisely structured body, the bag becomes a statement piece. Femininity in fashion is associated with softness. And while the structure of this bag is anything but ‘soft,’ made of luscious leathers these bags feel like they could melt between your fingers.

Balenciaga Papier A3

Balenciaga Papier A3

For anyone who fell in love with the leather mini-backpack, the oversized boho bag or any other big, luxury bag in the past twenty years, then cursing said luxury bag is something you know well. Like Mary Poppins, pulling random odds and ends out of your bag that you didn’t know were in there. But unlike Mary Poppins, seeming to never materialize exactly what it is you were looking for in the first place.

It’s a known fact — purses eat lipstick. And change. And business cards. But the stylish boxy purse is exactly that — a box. There are no hidden linings, hidden pockets, or illusive little bends in the leather that hide everything. They’re simple.

So grab a boxy bag if you haven’t already! Throw your clothing, swimsuit, lipsticks, jewelry and perfume in there for later and enjoy the day. Not only can you carry all of those things for an on-the-go change, but you will always be able find what you are looking for. Finally, the first style of purse that I would actually recommend as functional and truly fashionable!

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