Denverites are treated year round to some pretty incredible dance. Wonderbound wants to keep the good vibes flowing, even into the off season. Associate Artistic Director Dawn Fay and dancer Sarah Tallman will be hosting workshops starting today, May 22, through June 15th, every Wednesday evening from 6-7:30 pm, andSarah Tallman - Wonderbound every Saturday morning from 10-11:30 am.

Sarah Tallman speaks of the inspiration behind Dance Mixology, “Dance Mixology was basically inspired by the desire to challenge my mind and body to create new work in our glorious dance space. As wonderful as it is to create new experiences for the sake of art, I believe art is most effective when it’s shared with others. It’s a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with our community. All participants will get a taste of what it’s like to work in our space, and celebrate new creations. I bounced my idea off Dawn, Associate Artistic Director of Wonderbound, and then we sort of ran with it! I have no idea what to expect, and that’s the beauty of all of it. Spontaneously creating art with dance enthusiasts is completely exciting.”

Wonderbound, formerly known as Ballet Nouveau Colorado, is adapting to their new space in Five Points. The studio was formerly Weisco Motorcars, and this has lent the dancers to utilize the no frills, no mirrors space. The area is also home to Redline Art Gallery and a variety of other arts organizations. This lends itself to unique interactions – it’s no secret that the space is located just across from the Denver Rescue Mission. “A couple of weeks ago we performed at Sonny Lawson Park as a part of Better Block Five Points. It was an awesome day of art, live music, street vendors and pop-up stores.  The Better Block project is a community revitalization project that  temporarily demonstrates how to improve a public space through art! It was such a great experience! Everybody was so nice, and welcoming. I LOVE working in this neighborhood,” says Tallman.

One of the defining characteristics of Wonderbound is the company’s willingness to explore a variety of collaborations. They have partnered with Lighthouse Writers, Redline Art Gallery, The Colorado Symphony, Paper Bird, and more. This time, the intention is to converge with regular folks, with “casual dance experience or equivalent life experience.” It’s a great platform for people who have always been interested in dance but too intimidated to try to explore in a safe space.

Wonderbound is located at 1075 Park Avenue West. The cost of each workshop is $25, and participants should wear socks, ballet shoes, or jazz shoes (no street shoes, please!) For more information, call (303) 292-4700.