photo by Caitlin Savage

Set in the Penthouses of Denver’s most historic venue, Clock Tower Events, the red carpet is rolled out, the step and repeat is ready for action, and each floor is decorated to perfection in pink and black, filled with vibrant pink gum drops, lollipops and a surrounding that knocks you off your feet and hypnotizes you with its beauty.

On the 17th floor sounds a “Ding!” The elevator door opens and our first ladies of the night spill out in excitement.  Their eyes are wide as they take in their never-before seen ambiance and anticipate what the night has in store. They line up cheerfully to get their picture taken by 303Magazine and after striking a pose they head to the next level, where they opt to indulge in a Little Black Dress cocktail and a taste of Sushi from Denver’s finest; Epernay Lounge. Their journey continues as they head up to the upper level where they are greeted by myself and an attractive gentlemen bartender, brought to you on behalf of Serve.  They engage in one and another, socialize, then wander up to the very top level of the clock tower, where they are dazzled and treated to decadent hand massages and candy bar, courtesy of M.Pulse.  The affair is off!  Welcome to the 303FEM Launch Event!

The rooms begin to fill with conversation, laughter and enjoyment as the ladies embark on networking and getting to know one another.   The celebration is overflowing with diversity; every woman beautiful and unique in each of her glowing ways.

While the women are all from distinctive industries and backgrounds, they all have one thing in common; the desire for success, empowerment and finding a place that can foster this and support them in their journey.  They have come to the right place and as the night flows effortlessly, I can see they realize this.

I circulate the crowd and shake hands with each of the ladies and realize that these women are not only sharing business successes, but are also sharing personal stories about their own lives, speaking from things about traveling to dating to which play they have recently seen… and dishing so openly to women that they have only just met.  How wonderful!

It’s time to show our gratitude.  I step up to the mic and immediately become overwhelmed with emotion, as I look out into the crowd of so many incredible and wonderful women.  The occasion is of excellence and I couldn’t have asked for a more terrific group of girls to be sharing this evening with.  I give a brief vision of how we see the future of FEM and the confidence we hope we can all bring to each other.  I remark to the girls that, “We truly want this group to be focused on the needs and desires of our members and what they need in order to pursue their dreams.”  I hand it off to Holly Kyleberg, owner of Clock Tower Events, and she wows the ladies with an amazing speech of encouragement and empowerment. Thanks Holly!  We close out the speaking portion by introducing our featured business of the night, Serve.  CEO and female entrepreneur, Stephanie Maxwell takes center stage and speaks on her business.  Serve provides skilled, certified and insured servers and bartenders for event planners, caterers and individuals.  Call Serve to staff your next launch party, store opening or special event!  Stephanie then expresses her excitement about being a part of FEM and how it is the beginning of something magnificent. Closing it out we pull two business cards from the pink business box for their business to be featured at our next FEM event on May 30th. We give thanks to the sponsors, 303Magazine,Serve, Little Black Dress, Uber, Epernay Lounge, M.Pulse.

303FEM Launch Party

photo by Caitlin Savage

The remainder of the night is spent mixing, mingling and networking and I get an opportunity to get feedback from the women as to how they benefited from the event and what they would like to see for the future of 303FEM.

Attendee and aspiring business-woman, Ashley Widener exclaims,  “It was great to meet the women and learn about their diverse interests and impressive accomplishments. We are leaving feeling inspired and looking forward to the next event already. I am excited to see all that 303FEM will be able to do!”

Thank you to everyone who made it out to celebrate the formation of 303FEM and thank you to 303Magazine for allowing me to be a part of something so remarkable!

Please make sure to join us at the next 303FEM Event on May 30th at Emich Volkswagen.


-Jessica Pankoff | 303FEM