This year, the guys up at New Belgium Brewing, the makers of Fat Tire and many other award winning beers, have decided to kick off summer early by releasing their newest seasonal offering, Rolle Bolle Ale.

rb 1The name comes from a Belgian game that is traditionally played during the summer while holding a beer. So in celebration of the festive sunny season this drinkable brew was especially made to be be enjoyed while participating in all of the wonderful outdoor activities that Colorado has to offer.

Rolle Bolle Ale is crisp, light, and pours as a brilliant blonde. It starts with monkfruit and soursop giving it both earthy and tropical tones then is followed with the tartness and citrus of Cascade and Centennial hops. All natural oats bring creaminess to the mouthfeel, and it finishes dry and clean.


Rolle Bolle Ale is light and easy to drink so it is perfect for outdoor summertime activities. Have one while you Bar-B-Que, take a few out on the boat, or sip on one while you play a game of Belgian style lawn bowling. If you are looking for something new, light, and fresh  Rolle Bolle Ale should be exactly what you have been craving

Trying new beer in Colorado these days can be tricky. Every day there are more and more Colorado breweries like New Belgium doing new and exciting things in the name of our favorite beverage.

The up side to this is that we have access to one of the most diverse and dynamic selections of locally made craft beer in the world. The downside is that now it takes forty-five minutes of indecisive pacing up and down the constantly growing beer aisle during every trip to the liquor store.

Trying to get to all of these delicious beers can be taxing. Don’t worry. Just remember to take a deep breath and go one beer at a time.