Most people enjoy sex and want to get really turned on, but the simple fact is that what you take into the bedroom is far more important than what you do there. For many people, sex is Turn Onfriction and release that feels good and feeds some needs along the way. But, to fully experience the deep pleasures of real sexual experience, you need to be turned on in your life, and so does your partner.

That simply means to live your life with lots of real excitement. That requires that you keep taking new steps in your life, keep taking risks, keep facing fears… all done in big or small chunks. That is where size does not matter. What matters is that you are doing it, for by taking those steps and risks and facing those fears, you grow and expand yourself every time. You become more of yourself – actually, more of your Self.

That, in turn, means that you have more choices, more knowledge, more aliveness, and so you are more turned on to yourself and your life. You get to buck the teachings of being normal, which is to turn off, play it safe and don’t do new things unless you really have to.

So, turning yourself and your life on means that others will be turned on by you, or will at least have some near-life experiences with you, which just might kick-start them to get excited and creative in their lives. Ha, then you have someone new to play with. It is a growing circle!Orgasmic

The payoffs in your sexual relationships are then many, including the fact that you are more open, more confident and less scared to be and show yourself, more strong in your spirit, more clear in what you want and enjoy and more available for your partner to let you know their version of all of that. Sex then stops being a battleground, or ego joust, or place to prove something. It becomes people coming together in open, honest, and literally naked connection with each other to enjoy, pleasure and be pleasured and in that, to merge and experience the little death of orgasmic release.

From there both sex and life can only get better.


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WEB photo ME -> RAustralian Gregory Charles is an astrologer, a personal growth and spiritual leader and alternative healer who has appeared in the national media in many countries (MTV, Good Morning America, BBC). His astrology clients have included Dr. Hunter S. Thompson and Carmen Electra. He has delivered sex and relationship seminars to tens of thousands of people around the world and is a guest lecturer at CU Boulder. Gregory is available for personal guidance and astrology readings.