Nick Cave: Open Dance Call at the DAM

An example of Nick Cave’s Soundsuits.
A dancer moves with the music at Nick Cave's open audition.
A dancer moves with the music at Nick Cave’s open audition.

This past Friday, Contemporary artist Nick Cave held an open dance call at the Denver Museum of Art. 120 people were given the opportunity to dance in front of Cave with a chance to be among the 10-15 chosen to collaborate with him and local professional dancers for his performance at the DAM on June 28th.

Cave is a world-renowned contemporary artist best know for his creation of “Soundsuits.” A combination of sculpture and dance, these suits are worn by dancers and move fluidly with their motions. Originally created in response to the Rodney King beating, they disguise the wearer in whimsical suits, hiding the complex people that live within them. The wearers become nothing more than moving bodies all of the same skin.

Cave's Soundsuits, "Speak Louder" from 2011.
Cave’s Soundsuits, “Speak Louder” from 2011.

In June, Coloradoans will be able to attend this public event to see Cave’s newest Soundsuit creations and performance. This event is part of Cave’s exhibition, Nick Cave: Sojourn,which will be on display from June 9th to September 22nd.

Friday night’s auditions were a smashing success and wildly fun and inspiring to watch. With 120 registered participants, they were called in front of Cave in groups of 10-15. They were told nothing other than to dance until they were asked to stop. And that is exactly what people did. Dancers of all different backgrounds, levels and styles truly blew the roof off the DAM.

photo (2)
This dancer was a crowd favorite with his unique dance flare.

Among the night’s favorite performers were DAM staff members who jumped on the dance floor with nothing more than a smile and a great impromptu performance. Another crowd favorite was a woman whom wheeled onto the dance floor in her electric wheelchair and danced with no reservations. All of the dancers were wonderful and created an overwhelming sense of community.

The event itself may have been an “open audition” but it was a piece of contemporary art in and of itself. Crowds gathered to watch and engage in the dancing that truly took over the massive museum hall. Cave has a special gift and Denver is fortunate to have him exhibition here once more.

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