If sharing is caring, many Hollywood stars are very caring people.  Celebrities are amping up their caring crusades by revealing intimate details of their sexual escapades. 

Anna Kendrick, star of Up in the Air and Pitch Perfect, recently revealed through a disgruntled text that she’d been caught masturbating at the movie theater to Ryan Gosling’s Gangster Squad. While it’s commendable that a woman is unashamed of her sexuality and willing to admit public acts of questionable conduct, it also raises the question of whether her tweet was merely a bid for attention or, in fact, a sentiment of annoyance with her extracurricular activities being labeled “inappropriate” (assumably by movie theater staff).

Jessica Simpson poked fun at herself and her robust fertility on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, remarking that she’d like to get married but she keeps getting “knocked up” and needs to “keep her legs crossed.” 

But, Simpson and Kendrick aren’t the only ones with overshare-itis: Cameron Diaz was once quoted as saying that sex keeps her young and she often “travels for cock.” She also revealed an appetite for female company in the bedroom and explained how she loves having sex outdoors. While John Mayer famously described aforementioned Simpson as “sexual napalm” and described wanting to “quit his life” to snort and f**k her.

Khloe Khardashian proclaimed the importance of waxing her nether regions, saying, “You got to keep it clean down there,” while Coco (of Ice and Coco) posted a picture of herself mid-bikini wax with no pants on. And Jennifer Love Hewitt described in candid detail to a flustered George Lopez on Lopez Tonight the benefits of vagina decoration or vajazzling.

Maybe what makes these celebrities popular in the first place is their likability, relatability and their filter-less confessions. Or, maybe talking about waxed vaginas, masturbation and lesbian trysts is bound to meet at least one of their desires: the desire for more press.