(c) Lesya Liu

Besides being a renowned photographer and publisher, John Fielder is also teaching photography seminars at his studio in Santa Fe Art District. Over the past 12 years, a lot of amateur and professional photographers have attended his workshops to learn the basics of photography or to get to know a few master tricks. On December 7, the gallery opened an exhibition featuring the best works of his students, which will run through January 26, 2013.

Since Fielder is famous for his gorgeous Colorado landscapes, it comes as no surprise that a majority of his workshops deal with landscape photography. So, be sure to expect beautiful Colorado views captured by his students.

“Solitude” by Robin Riddle evokes serene emotions with an early morning scene. The image depicts a goose in the middle of a lake with the rising steam. The quietness of the surrounding makes you wish you could experience a morning vista like that.

(c) Lesya Liu

Chris Cillian captures a stunning majesty of Rocky Mountains surrounded by green and golden trees. A small wooden fence across the bottom of the image makes for great finishing touch and adds to an overall composition. Another photo of majestic mountains in the golden season of the year is made by James Donlon and is titled “Mt. Sneffels Autumn.” Rows and rows of red, yellow, and green forestry stop viewers, so that they can take in all the beauty and let their eyes wonder around the amazing portrait of nature.

Keith Wallin presented an astonishing work – his photograph titled “Fire on the Water.” Sunrays are reflected in the calm waters and bounce right off of it. The resulting impression is that the water is caught on fire. The blues of skies and mountains, the greens of grass and foliage, and oranges on the water make for one captivating photograph that you cannot stop looking at. Another work that will make you sigh in amazement is “Autumn Reflection” by Evan Anderman. A perfect order of snow-covered trees reflects in water, so the image looks rather surreal. The eyes cannot stop exploring the powerful photograph.

(c) Lesya Liu

The exhibition has an overall feeling of quietness to it. Looking at the images, visitors stop thinking about their everyday lives – they get carried away to not-so-far-away places of untouched nature, where the human presence is nonexistent.