Animal drawings by LewisOne

When I first entered Peter Lewis’ exhibit, “Pus and Pups:  LewisOne’s Little Naughty and Nice Art Show,” at Denver’s First Friday Art Walk, I was a little terrified.   I looked to the left to a wall full of animal drawings and quickly relaxed.  Then, a dog approached me with a hot pink tie on and I laughed. (Phew) One thing for sure is Peter Lewis, known as LewisOne, is one of the few that fall on both Santa’s naughty and nice list.

LewisOne’s art show featured an array of erotic paintings on one side and cute animals on the other side.  This peculiar mixture of art benefits Pitbull education, no kill animal shelters as well as raised money for breast and testicular cancer.


Perfect for above the fireplace…Erotic Art by LewisOne

I couldn’t help myself, but to stare at the very sexual, very erotic pictures.  When asked if I could take pictures, Peter Lewis joked that I should find the most graphic one and share with all my friends on Facebook.  The problem was each drawing was more graphic than the next.  But then again, what better way to raise money for breasts than to draw them, right?

Other artists at the show were raw artist, Liana Van de Water, as well as animal portrait expert, BullyOne.  Liana Van de Water’s cosmic art explores energy, the universe and the mysterious sky above us.  Jesse Eastburn, also know as BullyOne, hopes to change the way people view the stereotypical scary Pitbulls through his art.

Special guest, Sammy, who just so happens to be a four -legged friendly blue heeler, walked around modeling WearLewisOne, which is handmade apparel for pets.  It includes everything from ties, bandanas to some classy bowties.

Sammy modeling WearLewisOne


So whether you’re looking to decorate your place with erotic pictures that will surely have your friends talking or just want  to dress up your furry friends for the holidays, visit Peter Lewis’ website at