Chevron print sweater in coral and grey paired with a button-down.
(Photo courtesy of Madewell)

Election season may be coming to a close, but there is one season that never ends- fashion season.  Sure, fashion has its seasons, but fashion itself is never out of season.  That is why all of us fashion writers at 303Magazine are excited Madewell launching a store in Cherry Creek.  For those of you (me too!) who love a retro-chic look, Madwell is the perfect place to go.  But this Winter they have truly outdone themselves with a line of clothing that could make a retro lover’s heart skip a beat.  From their use of colors and patterns to the cuts and use of structure, their clothing is truly reminiscent of closets-past.

A popular pattern amongst this seasons clothing lines is the chevron print– a fashion beat upon which Madewell mastered perfectly.  Their “chevron stitch sweater” is the perfect example of taking a retro style and adding a modern and chic touch.  The disjointed nature of the pattern revives this classic style with a fun twist.  And the colors are to die for.  Instead of mimicking past styles alone, Madewell’s use of coral and grey give off that retro or vintage vibe, but still fall beautifully in line with this seasons hottest colors.   Pairing the sweater with a simple button-down shirts and jeans creates the perfect Fall or Winter look.

Stripeshave been done a million times.  But they have not always been done right.  This year, Madewell brings stripes back with a vengeance.  Not only do they offer a wide variety of striped items, but their use of stripes might even make the non-believers think again.  Their “striped midfield tee” is a disjointed blend of two widths of stripes, and we are loving it!  The color palette for this tee screams retro, but variety in stripes makes it more than your everyday striped tee.  The variety makes this retro style fresh and chic.  And pairing it with dark jeans and a cat-eye pair of sunglasses is spot-on for achieving this look.

Stripes done right.
(Photo courtesy of Madewell)

The floral pattern may not have looked good on your mom’s bridesmaid dresses back in the day, but it does look great on skinny jeans.  That tight-knit, neutral hued, floral pattern that takes you back to some good old movie, is finally being done the right way- at least the fashion critics of the season think so.  Madewell’s “skinny skinny cords in photoflower” are a great piece to add to your wardrobe this Winter.  Corduroy is not only known for being warm, but it easily achieves the retro look.  And in “photoflower” this pant is chic and fun to the max.  Paired with leather booties and simple lace top- you are ready to hit the town.  Or throw on a chambray button-down for a kick back Saturday afternoon.

Madewell’s styles may not be on the list of the fashion world’s next-edgiest-things, but that is also why Madewell is the current envy of my eye.  There clothing blends retro trends with modern flare to achieve a retro-chic look that is sure to stick around for a while.  Let’s be real, we call it retro-chic because it was stylish then and it is now too.  So here is your excuse to treat yourself- do not be afraid to buy a few pieces that might hang around your wardrobe for more than one season.  You know you rock the cat-eye look anyways.

Floral cords with a bright shoe to accent.
(Photo courtesy of Madewell)

Madewell is hosting a launch party in Cherry Creek this Thursday the 8th! And you are invited.  Please visit the online invitation to RSVP and we look forward to seeing you there.