is the new Facebook-integrated dating site and smartphone application that helps you discover who your secret love is without the risk of rejection. That’s right, people, this service allows you to chat with whoever you’re crushing on anonymously to see if they like you back. Started by twin brothers Sebastian and Cristobal Zegars in Chile, has already swept across Latin America, with their suggestive television ads and racy (YouTube private) online promos, and now it’s available in the U.S.

Think about everyone that you like on Facebook; guys you’ve been crushing on, old flames from high school, or even the hottie from your gym, then make your secret list. Then, if anyone on your list adds you to theirs, both of you will know that you like each other. Best part, nobody will know your secret list. Even better, there’s no rejection, no embarrassing public scenes, and no awkward moments to go through. So if you’re on the market, why not find out if you’re the secret love of your secret love?