LivingSocial Offers Broncos Fans Unique Opportunity for Holiday Photos

“…but do you recall, the most hideous reindeer of all?”

Congratulations, Denver. It appears we’ve survived it — the seemingly perpetual 90+ degree days that turned us against our cars’ leather seats and made some of us reconsider our prior staunch stance against “tacky” windshield sun shades. And, as the nights grow longer and the weather creeps into a chill, we reach into the bowels of our closets and dust off our cashmere and wool. Undoubtedly, we rediscover with a sinister smile that one sweater — you know, the one with the kittens wearing Β Santa costumes having Christmas tea withΒ hospitableΒ reindeer. As you brush it across your face in fond memory, you can’t help but notice how impressively it retains faint hints of floweryΒ potpourriΒ and stale booze. Β And with that gleeful reverie, you rush to your December calendar and plot for Ultra Ugly Christmas Sweater Bonanza 2013.

For the record, I had no choice in the matter. Although, I think I lobbied pretty hard for the Lamb Chop slippers.

But, what of the movement that sparked this tradition in tasteless, yule-tide apparel? It’s the same movement that landed Ralphie in a bunny costume, and led to the successful blog Of course, I’m referring to the annual family holiday photo.

Some families take months to plan this special moment, hiring out professional photographers and crashing post-holiday sales for the best deals on otherwise ill-advised wardrobe choices. They enlist the next door neighbor to throw fake snow in the background, because while snow doesn’t fall in July, the photo shoot deadline does.

Other families take a lazier approach (with the help of digital technology), and snap their memorable moment in the momentΒ — Dad in his flannel, Mom in her robe, the kids’ groggy eyes, and Fido with Sally’s new doll in his drooling mouth. WhateverΒ the method, the end result always leaves something to be desired.

“Aunt Clara had for years labored under the delusion that I was not only perpetually 4 years old, but also a girl.” – A Christmas Story

But this year, LivingSocial, in partnership with the Denver Broncos, provides an alternative to matchingΒ houndstoothΒ scarves. Rather, they are providing Broncos fans the opportunity to take holiday photos on Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Fans can purchase this unique package for $79 atΒ fromΒ Oct. 10 – 17 or until sold out.Β 

“…but do you recall, the most [hideous] reindeer of all?”

This experience includes:

    • two photos on the field (with the scoreboard in the background) for up to six people,
    • a behind-the-scenes tour of the stadium,
    • hot cocoa and cookies,
    • and 10 percent off at the team store.

So, put away the elf costumes, throw on your jerseys, and head to Sports Authority care of LivingSocial for a one-of-a-kind holiday treat. And, for the love of Kris Kringle, take the reindeer antlers off of Fido.





Kaelyn Gustafson is the Desk Editor for Health and Sports at 303 Magazine. She isΒ an avid runner, eager cyclist, and yogi-lovin’ Denver enthusiast. Follow her posts onΒ Twitter.


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