(C) Lesya Liu

“Over Time,” at 910 Arts in the Santa Fe Art District, is a collaboration of two old friends, Albert Moore and Ruth Neubauer. Although they lived in completely different parts of the country, the two artists have known each other for more than 20 years.

Albert Moore, an architect out of Santa Fe, New Mexico and a passionate modernist, presents mixed media assemblages. His architectural background is evident in skillful combinations of planes, 3D spaces and lines. However, as an art-loving person, Moore explores and experiments with colors and materials as well. Moore is extremely inspired by Carl Young’s theory of human reaction to color, shape and texture. He now takes that into consideration when creating his artworks by inviting viewers to examine each for a while and pay attention to the subtle details of three dimensions.

Moore wants people to notice the arrangement of things, although at first it might not seem ordered. This concept was inspired by nature as Moore sees it. He is inspired by nature’s beauty and harmony. Through employing a variety of textures and high contrast, Moore makes observers to appreciate how seemingly different things come together in a balance.

The other artist in the show, Ruth Neubauer, is a licensed psychotherapist and photographer. Her first acquaintance with a professional camera happened in the early 1980s, and after that she never put her photographic explorations to rest. She is, in the good sense of the word, an old-school photographer.

Neubauer sees beauty in everyday life, and it is this idea she wants to convey to viewers. When talking about her process, it sounds very much Impressionistic. She doesn’t plan her photographs, nor does she retouch them. Instead, she photographs whatever got her attention, and she reacts to her surroundings, to beautiful things that are often overseen and almost abandoned.

(C) Lesya Liu

The two artists present not only two different media, but also different approach to things. Surprisingly, the works combine nicely into one developed exhibition. They’ve been friends for more than two decades and have always thought highly of each other’s pieces. In the progression of these years, Neubauer unexpectedly for herself moved on from straight, realistic depictions of things to moreabstract photographs that compliment Moore’s assemblages. Plus, they both bring their professional backgrounds into their art – the architectural schooling is evident in Moore’s works and abstractions in her photographs reference Neubauer’s occupation. The show will be open until late for the First Friday Art Walk and will run until the end of November.