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Time is of the essence, and the essence of fall is in full harvest. Agricultural colors inspire the vision of cold-wear dressing and nowhere are colors more succinct, or practical, than in a watch. Since mobile technology has relegated timepieces to mere baubles, the watch has had to elevate its form to counter the function. Subtle luxury may be at home base with classics like the Omega Seamaster or the Rolex Oyster Perpetual, but modern watches are hitting the aesthetic home runs with cutting edge designs and inspiring materials and finishes that give every man a reason to check his wrist.

Color: The orange watch has become something of a staple, year round it is the perfect color for fall and spring, affixing vibrant contrast to nautical blues and adding polish to woolen earth tones.

Variety is the key: from kitsch and sporty to elegant and subdued, the orange watch easily translates throughout the seasons.

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Texture: Suede isn’t the only cool kid on the block. The cornucopia of leathers has long proliferated men’s accessories, and no other leathers have had as much an impact as crocodile and shagreen. Crocodile is a classic exotic that is recognized for its tough scales and muted matte colors. Hit two for one this season by choosing an orange crocodile strap. Shagreen (stingray) is a unique textural leather that is both exotic and refined. The subtle sheen of dark navy makes stingray an alluring and practical choice that wears well with time.

Finishes: Rose Gold watches evoke a certain clandestine treasury that appeals to the collector’s eye. Both vintage and modern, the highly polished copper tones of rose gold are flashy while remaining subdued.

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The affinity of dark tone coppers and high polishes is also the perfect contrast; whether dressed up with white button ups and cashmere sweaters or dressed down with smart plaids, the rose gold toned watch is an effortless addition to the oeuvre of eclectic dressing.