As if this weekend could get anymore jam packed with dance, Community Minded Dance is presenting Lindy Diversion, featuring live music and social dancing events in downtown Denver. Community Minded Dance aims to preserve traditional, American-style dance while keeping it accessible to the community.

The highlight of the weekend will be award winning pianist Gordon Webster. His renowned lindy music is marked by his incredible energy and ability to “pack in a dance hall.” But it’s not just the lindy hop this weekend – there’s a chance for Swing, Blues, and Solo as well.

Virginie Jensen and Steven Mitchell, two giants in the world of swing dance, will also be teaching classes and attending the event. Opening night events, including one this evening, are held at the Turnverien Dance & Cultural Center: 1570 Clarkson St. Denver, CO 80218.  Classes on Friday and Saturday are held at Auraria’s Campus, but check the website for further details.

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Erica Prather writes about dance in the Denver area. She has been published in Travel Trade Magazine, The Wichita Eagle, The Denver Post, and Redbook Magazine. She studies biology at Metro State, is active in the Denver yoga community, and can bake one kick ass rainbow cake

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  1. CMDance

    Thank you Erica and 303 for letting your followers know about our event. It was a great success! If you found out about Lindy Diversion through 303 and you attending please share your experience with us our facebook.


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