Last Wednesday night, I had the pleasure of attending the opening party for LoDo’s latest arrival on the bar scene, the Hotmixology Lounge. Now this name might already be familiar to some and with good reason. Hotmixology is a TV show that airs nationwide on the Cooking Channel, where host and creator Dave Elger tells you all you need to know about cocktails, and keeps the good times rolling. It started as a web-based show in 2009 and has been growing in success ever since, leading up to the opening of the Homixology Lounge. The bar features highly skilled mixologists whipping up creative and delectable cocktail creations based on Dave Elger’s show, and this will be the new location for filming the Hotmixology TV episodes.

My friend and I arrived at the party and bellied right on up to the bar to try some of these concoctions I’d been hearing so much about. The “Aviation” was a refreshing delight with Broker’s gin, maraschino liquor, and crème d’violette. And the “Jalisco Princess” with Muchote tequila (a brand created by Elger himself and his brother Will), grapefruit, and lemon achieved fruitiness and flavor without overwhelming sweetness. The room was a bit sparse looking though not for lack of guests who were very excited about Hotmixology’s new physical location. The bar itself is warm and elegant with friendly, knowledgeable bartenders to match. Next we headed to the martini station that was set up for the party where they were serving intriguing variations along with the classics. We tried a martini with cranberry, lemon, and Framboise raspberry liqueur, as well as a dirty martini. Both were mixed and shaken to perfection.

Then we took it outside. The Hotmixology Lounge has a rather spacious back patio area that it shares with its next-door neighbor, Irish pub Scruffy Murphy’s. The lovely garden lighting and couch areas (ideal for lounging) enticed us out back. As did the back bar, and on this particular occasion, the mojito bar and Jager-root beer float station that were set up outside. The bartenders continued to impress us with their skills for mixing both traditional and novel drinks. I think Denver is as excited as Dave Elger is to have the Hotmixology Lounge burst onto the scene in LoDo. They’re open seven nights a week so be sure to head over for a splendidly mixed cocktail that you won’t forget but may or may not remember.

Hotmixology Lounge
2026 Larimer Street