Soundcloud Gems: Summer Heart

Autumn officially blew into Denver over the weekend, but save for the singe of color dotting the trees you wouldn’t know it.

The sandals have not yet seen their last day of the season and neither have dusky gatherings in the back garden. As such, estival tunes swimming in electric plumes of beach gauze vocals and twinkling melodies will have their last call before fall forces them out.

electric plumes of beach gauze vocals and twinkling melodies

Swedish musician, Summer Heart, easily fulfills the task of sweeping listeners back to midsummer haze with his airy dreamwave tracks. “Kiss Me,” a ballad befitting the company of the Cafe del Mar collections, floats light and lithe with its electric guitar melody weaved into atmospheric pads. Similarly, “I Want to See the Sunset,” embraces a heavily percussive island sound with a marimba, hand-drumming and soaring synths. Even “When Worlds Collide,” a more sedate tune, recalls the loll of sunshine intoxication.

A delicious time capsule of season’s almost past, Summer Heart’s softly colorful collection of songs is a gentle wave to the warm months and worthy of more than a handful of listens.

Summer Heart is found online at Soundcloud, Facebook, and Twitter.

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