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I felt it yesterday, and if you’re in Denver then maybe you felt it too– that slight nip of autumn in the air, that hint that if you haven’t already, it’s time to start giving some serious thought to your fall wardrobe.  One easy and super stylish way to transition from summer to fall is to bring vintage leather into the mix and transform your summer style with a little bit of classic biker edge.  Now, I’m not advocating that you go for a head-to-toe motorcycle madness motif–  when it comes to leather, a little bit goes a long way, unless you’re actually going to be riding a motorcycle.  For the record, hanging out at a bar looking like you’re going to ride a Harley off into the sunset and then jumping on your bike (as in bicycle) instead is really not a good look.  Save the motorcycle rally look for the motorcycle rally.   Whether you dream of owning a motorcycle one day, as I do,  or simply like leather, adding a leather jacket or some motorcycle boots to an outfit can contribute some edge to your look without giving the impression of running about 5 decades late for The Wild One casting call.

When it comes to wearing leather, it’s most pleasing to the eye to balance heavy with light– this is why a classic white T-shirt looks incredible with a leather jacket or leather pants and why motorcycle boots can be a great complement to a light, flowy summer dress.  Think of leather as a final accent to a complete look, rather than a look within itself.

The best part of buying new leather or finding vintage leather is that biker chic never really goes out of style and the pieces you find will only look better the more they’re worn and are only more eye catching the more stories they have to tell. Don’t hesitate to shop secondhand for any leather looks you covet because you can get the bonus of that lived in leather look without having to actually live in that leather.

Designers return to motorcycle inspired classics time and again and this season is no different.  Proenza Schouler and Balmain, amongst others, sent biker inspired fashions down the runway for Fall 2012.  While they played a bit with cuts and styling,  the classic American biker look still came through.  The beauty of a true classic is that you don’t have to source it from a high end designer–  look on Craigslist or head to your local thrift stores to find incredible used leather pants, jackets, boots and skirts and get ready to absolutely rock fall 2012 in classic, biker-inspired fashion.

Proenza Schouler biker chic, Fall 2012












Balmain biker chic, Fall 2012












Balmain biker style Fall 2012











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Jessica Alba balances the heft of a motorcycle jacket with a light summery dress via (photo credit: Jean Baptiste Lacroix/ WireImage)













Vintage inspired motorcycle chic via












Bob Dylan goes for a ride, circa late 1960s, via









Harlem Motorcycle gang circa 1959, copyright Norman Parkinson Limited via












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Classic biker style, 1950s/1960s via













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