Collaboration of dance

Photo courtesy of 7dancers professional dance company.
Photo courtesy of 7dancers.

7dancers professional dance company and Apex Contemporary Dance Theatre will join forces to produce “An Evening of Collaborative Dance” on Thursday, August 9.  Playing on both of their strengths and past successes, the show has something for everyone as it touches on a wide genre of dance ranging from jazz, jitterbug, ballet and hip-hop styles.

The single night of dance will be held at 7:30 p.m. at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities.  The show will include choreographed numbers from 7dancers’ show “An American Portrait.”  Historic photos such as the famous “Migrant Woman,” “Burst of Joy” and “The Kiss” are just a few of the recognizable pictures that explore the content surrounding their circumstances and era. The photos will each be projected onto the backdrop of the stage and then be brought to life through costuming and dance.  Each choreographed number tells the story of what happened before or after these poignant moments in time.  Dancers seem to bring the projected photos to life, as the subjects of these photos.  They seamlessly move from the giant photo backdrop and into motion, as if they are stepping out of the photo themselves.

Photo courtesy of 7dancers.

“The Dying Swan”, a solo to be performed by Amy Hollinger, is perhaps a bit more serene and slower in tempo but doesn’t need any of the high energy zip that some of the other numbers have.  Hollinger eases through the number with the true grace of a swan, lightly moving and floating through the entire dance on-Pointe.

In the amazing finale and collaboration, both companies join together to produce “Points of View 2.0,” which is a multi-medium incorporated dance using video and photography.  Sure to excite all dance lovers, this number is an upbeat, high-energy ensemble incorporating light and shadows to draw on drama.  Tickets and more information can be found at or by visiting the dance companies at and

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