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Spring, we hope, is now officially here. For me, the season’s arrival is reminiscent of strolls and bike rides through parks, with long stops on benches to gaze at the flowers, people watch, and ultimately, write. I’m a big journaler. Sometimes it’s just a matter of the day’s record; sometimes it’s a story idea or deeper thoughts. Maybe it’s just a place to jot a to-do list even, but I’ve always got a journal in my bag.

My go-to is a Moleskine, to be sure. They’re sturdy, reliable, travel well, and they’ve got a good history to them thanks to users like Hemingway. But should you be feeling a bit more stylish in your writing endeavors, consider a handmade journal. They’re pieced together with great care and far more original than anything you can grab off a Barnes and Noble shelf.

MiniBook A7 Big Tree & Vintage Brown by Full Moon
Forest for the Trees by

I spent some time perusing handmade journals on Etsy the other day, and I especially loved the selection of leather journals I found. Not only do they wear well, you get the added bonus of the leathery smell to invoke great writing. My favorite finds (pictured) were from Full Moon and

Are you a big journaler? Does a nice, well-made journal inspire you?


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