Fashion Fridays – Summer Soles

After a typical routine of typical errands on a typical Spring afternoon, something, well, atypical happened. Somewhere between the first sip of mid-day macchiatto and Lawrence Street, I met my match: another tall, too-skinny hooligan walking along 16th Street Mall, flaunting his flamboyant style in stride. With envious eyes, I scanned his studded denim and Missoni-inspired fanny pack–but it wasn’t until his nether-nether regions that I was permanently nailed in a tomb of jealousy. Lo and behold, under his stylish ankle-cut pants: a pair of neon-yellow, leopard-print, 2-inch creepers running swiftly across a Denver cross walk. Impressively, I was able to whip my camera into safari-mode and capture the incredible style spotting.

True, neon creepers are of a distinct style that would perhaps only appeal to me and Ms. Whips Her Hair, but it was the idea that struck a chord. With fairer skies inching towards the Mile-High horizon, we Denver folk finally have the option to pepper our soles with flavor without risking frostbite and treacherous puddles. The possibilities are about as endless as Cherry Cricket burger options: quality leather loafers, dangerously tall high-heels, gladiator sandals, lightweight TOMS, crisp-white boat shoes, neon creepers, etc. With such an extensive library of options, ’tis the season to lace-up and put our best feet forward.

For a ménage à trois of quality, fashion and price, online retailer is the prevailing option. A darling retailer of trendy Jeffrey Campbell and even high-fashion KTZ, has developed a cult following for its inventory of feet trophies. Denver men finally have access to Jeffrey Campbell’s first men’s collection (appropriately titled “First”) and Denver women have yet another website to spend hours drooling over. If waiting simply won’t do, local favorite True Love located on south Broadway instantly adds panache to any woman’s look–without bouncing the bank.

Jeffrey Campbell $134
Andreia Chaves $2,795
True Love $38

Whether feeling trendy with metallics or simply feeling wacky with neon leopard, wear your heart on your summer soles while you have the precious chance.
 Who knows? Perhaps your impressive footwear will inspire a Fashion Fridays column of its own. 

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