Booze Blanket: Denver Snuggie Pub Crawl

Anyone who has lived in Denver has most likely made the mistake of going out without enough layers on—it was a beautiful day so you left your house with that miniskirt and ditched a jacket because you didn’t want to have to carry it around all night, and then you left the bar and realized that it had dropped 20 degrees outside. Sound about right?

This Saturday, drink all day and into the night and have no fear of being cold at Denver’s 4th Annual Snuggie Pub Crawl. As it turns out, the Snuggie, a wearable blanket, happens to be a great barhopping outfit—blanket plus sleeves plus a beverage equals priceless. The Pub Crawl begins at Jackson’s at 2:30 p.m. this Saturday, April 21st, and ticket proceeds benefit the Colorado Chapter of the National MS Society and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado. Denver Snuggie Pub Crawl cofounder, Ted Morse, marvels at how the people of Denver “rally around a good cause and charities”—when asked if people go all out for the Pub Crawl with their Snuggie costumes, Morse laughed and shared that, “It’s ridiculous.” Expect to see all kinds of themed groups and, of course, Snuggie prints—there will be a costume contest.

With a great raffle planned, adult games like beer pong and flip cup stationed at some of the bars, Snuggie dancing, and free drinks and drink specials, this won’t be just any pub crawl. The event does have a 250 person cap, so get your tickets as soon as possible because this event—as well as Snuggies around town—will sell out. Don’t worry, if you stay out late into the night to make it to all five bars, your Snuggie will be sure to keep you cozy, and Grandma will be glad to see that the Snuggie she gave you is going to good use—after all, it’s all for charity.


1520 20th Street

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