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I’ve read all of the Hunger Games books, sure. And I’ve hyped on the hype about the books and the upcoming movie–oh, you know, the one that drops tonight at midnight. But honestly, to be fair, I’m not sure I could do the hype justice, not for the true fans anyway. No, for a day like today, one that goes down in Hunger-Games-fans history, I sought out a proper fangirl. That meant a fun little chat with popular fashion and lifestyle blogger, Lauren Brimley (pictured third from left), whose blog Busy Bee Lauren has turned into a countdown to the Hunger Games movie premiere and, more importantly, a meeting spot for other fangirls out there. This girl does it right: From blog series to Hunger Games birthday parties, she lives and breathes her fanship.


SAN: You’ve had a long-time love affair with these increasingly popular novels. Tell us how you were introduced.

LB: I first read The Hunger Games in 2009. It was during a time when only a few people had read it, and there definitely was a very small fanbase. A friend of mine had recommended the book to me, and I thought it sounded like something that my husband would like, so I actually bought it for him! He read it in about a day, and he raved on and on about it, so I decided to give it a go. Several hours later I was OBSESSED. And then started the painful wait for the release of book two and three!

SAN: And talk about painful waits–you’ve been holding out for the movie for forever! We know you have tickets for the first showing. What are you most excited about?

LB: I am so excited to see my favorite scenes brought to life! At the same time I am horribly afraid that those scenes won’t live up to all of the hype that is going on in my brain. But mostly, seeing your favorite characters in actual live action movie, is so thrilling! I hope the chemistry of Movie Katniss and Movie Peeta is off the hizzle!

SAN: Ah yes, Peeta. You openly root for Peeta and for the much-disputed ending of the final book. How come?

LB: Peeta Mellark is everything I admire in a person. He is kind, he is smart, he stands up for those he loves, and he never changes who he is for anyone. I truly think that Peeta’s story arc is one of the most painful to watch because you see this wonderful, sweet boy, be thrown into the ringer. He is tortured. He feels lost. But still, he refuses to let go of who is. He fights hard to find his way back to who he is. One of Peeta’s most famous lines is, “I don’t want to be a piece in their games.” It isn’t until the final book that you see that Peeta doesn’t ever let them. The final book seemed to split so many fans. I ended up being on the side of people that loved it, so I felt compelled to defend the book [and character] I love so much.

SAN: Writing that review drew in other fans. Why is your blog the Hunger Games fan meeting place?

LB: I have never been one to hide who I am as a person on my blog. If I am a fan of something, as a reader, you will KNOW it. Some people love watching “The Bachelor”, some people love to shop, and some people love sports. Hunger Games is my thing. And through me blogging about my love for it, more fans have come out of the woodwork and it’s created this fun little community where we can get excited about all things Hunger Games together! Each week I like to post at least something about The Hunger Games, whether it be others guest posting about why they love the books or something as simple as movie updates. It’s fun to be excited about something with someone else! Because I know what it is like to chatter on and on about something you love to someone who doesn’t care. So having an outlet where people “get it” is so awesome.

SAN: So about the movie hype: What are people wanting to see? And what are you wanting to see?

LB: I know most people are excited about the “Cave Scene”, and while I am too, I am hoping for subtle details to be present. Things that really tugged at my heartstrings as I read the book. Like, when Katniss pushes Peeta into the urn the night before the Games. Or when Peeta dips his roll in his hot chocolate, and Katniss finds that intriguing. Just the little things! I know they won’t all be there, but I hope they really took care of those special moments.

Check out Lauren’s complete “Countdown to Hunger Games” series to hear all of her thoughts and some of her readers’ thought about the books and upcoming movie.


Sarah Ann Noel is a freelance writer, blogger, and public relations professional. She blogs “Read Alert” every week and covers other Denver-related events and thoughts on writing and motherhood on her personal blogCheck back every week for reviews, literary events, and other bookish finds.

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