Fashion Fridays – Denver Fashion Weekend

Alright, Denver. Today marks my grand debut as a contributing author for’s Fashion Fridays blog series. Oh, have I waited for this day. So let’s do it. Let’s talk fashion on this frigid Friday.

For starters, Denver Fashion Weekend Spring 2012 has come and gone—and this writer is more than ready to open his opinionated mouth. Whether peering through backstage curtains, seated in a swanky second-row or standing among bushy-tailed onlookers, I was privileged to watch each and every look walk down this town’s brightest runway; and overall, it was an impressive, inspiring string of shows. Each night was styled so on-trend that the only way Denver Fashion Weekend could have been more relevant would’ve been to have Kim Kardashian prancing around, donning a second engagement ring.

Most notably, neon made yet another kitschy-but-we-know-we-love-it appearance that has already punctuated Spring 2012 around the world—this time in the form of Charlie Price‘s signature hair whimsy, however. Coupled with monochrome (a rebellion against Spring 2012’s darling cluster-fuck-O’-prints trend, perhaps) and styled in nonchalance, it just worked. It just did.

Accessory worship is sure to be the only form of hedonism on Denver ladies’ minds, as sent it’s coalition of easy, breezy and beautiful cover girls down the runway in their boyfriends’ dress shirts, accompanied solely by purses of all preferences.

And what fashion-leech like myself could ever bypass Jose Duran‘s on-point sportswear collection? The show was easily filled with enough hoods, strings, straps, and slightly-see-through goodies to last Cristiano Ronal-Do-Me a lifetime, if I say so myself.

Yet, as a notorious loud-mouth who prefers to duel behind the safety of computer screens, I cannot ignore a comment made by one anonymous attendee of the festivities. Said She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named: “Denver fashion is so, like, baseless, you know?”

“No, Voldemort of the vogue, I do not know,” I should have replied. For days (okay, more like minutes), I pondered her diction. “Baseless?” I asked myself. “Is Denver fashion truly out-of-focus, confused and ‘baseless?’” Well, I am pleased to announce that I have uncharacteristically given the question enough thought to reach a solid conclusion: Voldemort was correct. Denver fashion is baseless–to her, at least. And all others who need fashion and personal style to be spoon-fed to them via here-comes-the-choo-choo motion.

True, original Denver designs made a perhaps too-short introduction throughout the overall weekend. But, I summon a reminder that this is only the third season of production. Like all things proper, Denver’s fashion scene needs both time and gentle, loving, supportive care to grow (perhaps a little much on the baby motifs?). I, for one, applaud Denver Fashion Weekend Spring 2012 for giving our budding community a show that took fashion trends and abstracted them for the purpose of sartorial nit-picking. Perhaps someday the Mile-High City will mature into an entity capable of strong, undeniably-clear spoon-feeding. Yet, for now, I choose to back the inspirational infant–not slice its menisci before it learns to walk on its own.

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