My father is an extremely strict, N.Y. doctor, and as his first born child, I had about as much freedom as an animal in a zoo while I was growing. Needless to say, makeup was not a part of my daily beauty routine for a long time. Most of my experience has been trial and error, heavy on the error. (Purple eyeshadow, anyone? Crimped hair?) Through the help of my girlfriends, I’ve finally figured out some (relatively) safe makeup staples and even some “special occasion” palettes. But my end-of-the-night routine remained a mystery, resulting in smudges on my pillows and eyelashes that were rock hard.
Enter my sister. My 10 years younger sister, might I add, who mastered the world of cosmetics around the same time I was figuring out what a cat eye was. And as I was sitting in her room, my eyelashes falling out, quite literally, because of the mascara clumps on them she opened my eyes to the best kept secret of makeup removal: the cotton ball and lotion.
It sounds too easy, too cheap and too weird to work. But it does. Seriously. Squirt a dab of Neutrogena, Crabtree & Evelyn, Jergens or whatever lotion you use onto a cotton ball. (I highly recommend fragrance-free.) Using a downward motion, wipe the cotton ball over your lashes to avoid them falling out. Then, wipe that foundation and blush off in one fell swoop and crawl into bed. Get your beauty rest without ruining your pillow, your lashes or your naturally fabulous self.