Pole Ups

Photo courtesy of Amanda Campbell.

You’ve helped pick out her wedding dress, the bridesmaid dresses (just barely escaping those ghastly ruffles), table settings, deciding between white or ecru invitations and even gone to her hair and makeup consultations. And while we’re sure it was fun, we’ll believe you if you say so, we think you and your bestie-bride-to-be deserve something really fun and naughty to celebrate the end of singledom. It’s time for the bachelorette party.

Lori Huett’s Tranzendance studio is the perfect place. It features six, 14-foot brass poles where you and your girls can swing, climb and shake-it to your hearts’ content.

Huett is happy to tailor each event to what the women want for their celebration.

“We’ve had three generations come in together: the bachelorette, her mom and grandmother,” Huett says. “We’ve had people celebrate their 60th birthday and one was even a breast cancer survivor.”

Parties run one to two hours, depending on the number of people in attendance. The class starts with a short warm-up and stretch session on yoga mats before learning a few basic floor moves. Then get ready to learn how to walk like you you’ve never walked before while gyrating and swinging those hips. Next, it’s onto the pole for a variety of back bends, pole turns, pirouettes and transitions before learning the basic turn, firefly, half-pint and the burlesque fan kick.

“We will often end with an entire choregraphed dance and folks enjoying their own music and free styling [on the pole],” Huett says.

The best part? Learning a lap dance routine for the man (or lady) in your life.

“Everyone is clapping and cheering and laughing throughout,” Huett says.

So get in some comfy clothes (we recommend yoga pants and a t-shirt but feel free to rock stripper heels and lacie intimates if that’s more your style), pop a bottle of champagne and show your girl some love before she walks down the aisle.

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