Read Alert: Words Upon Words

I’m a sucker for a new journal at the beginning of the year. A new year, a new me, new thoughts–all to be captured on the pages of some pretty new journal.

So when these popped into my inbox last week, I was giddy. This collection of journals from Out of Print are quite positively all of my favorite things rolled into one: little journals that boast iconic book covers from novels like Pride and Prejudice, The Great Gatsby, and Invisible Man. But it gets better. The micro-ruling on each page is actually shrunken text from the pages of these great literary works.

So when I’m dreaming up fabulous things to write in my fabulous journal, I’m following the footsteps of other fabulous writers–building words upon words, so to speak.

And let’s say that in 2012, you’ve resolved to do more good. Well, all the better because each journal purchased helps donate books to schools and communities in need through Books For Africa. So that’s your words on top of the words of the past greats in order to give words to someone else. That’s one lovely literary circle, words upon words upon words.

Sarah Ann Noel is a freelance writer, blogger, and public relations professional. She blogs “Read Alert” every week and covers other Denver-related events and thoughts on writing and motherhood on her personal blog. Check back every week for reviews, literary events, and other bookish finds.


  1. I love the fact that journals are so popular! I’d be so sad the see the “written word” (literally) entirely replaced by cyber writing! For me it’s as intangible as smiley faces replacing real life, in-person, toothy grins! 🙂

    I love your reviews! They’re witty, informative, and inspire me to read more!

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